Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan - White

Hi, is this 23" tall or I though the AM08 is over 50" tall? Let me know please asap before sales ends. Thank you.

All fixed up. Sorry for the confusion.

I bought a Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan from this Woot offering. It functions perfectly, but looks like cr*p, as it has multiple (8+) black marks on it). I complained to Woot, and was offered either an $18 “refund,” or the chance to return the fan for a full refund. We had already tossed the cardboard box it was sent in, so will keep it. I’m going to try to find some spray touch-up paint to make the marks less noticeable.

Considering how the Dyson letter that accompanied the fan clearly stated technicians “cleaned” the fan, Dyson needs to revise their letter, as there was no effort to send a fan that looked clean, and the black marks really look bad.