Dyson AM09 Refurbished (Your Choice)

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I really want to love these but can’t. The small air intake holes make a high pitched whine that really annoys me. Deal killer regardless of price, IMO.

For $230 that hole would have to blow a lot more than just air.

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Are you sure you are talking about the AM09? I had this problem with the AM05 but this one is night and day better with sound reduction.

This must be a great product. James Dyson is the master of hot air.

I have the AM05 and mine is whisper quiet. I am coming back for the AM09 to have one for another room in the house. Love the fact that this is two products in one. A heater and a fan. Figure you go out and buy a fan >=$50 plus a heater >=$100. But now you have two devices, one that sits in a closet all winter and one that sits in the closet all summer. I think these are great!

I really like mine. I turn down the heat at night and this keeps my bedroom warm. I like that I can set the temp so it’s not too hot or too cold.

Forget this—look for a Vornado heater/fan. One quarter the price and 4X the output. Dyson products are mostly hot air (pun intended).

But they are so D@&n ugly and harder to clean!

I bought one of the during the holidays… dyson was offering $150 off plus an additional 20% from the store… this is a good deal. Got the first one for one of my kids bedrooms that stays a little cooler than the others… we love this thing… much quieter than previous models and keeps the room nice and warm in between furnace cycles. Grabbing another from woot form my youngest’s room…

I got one of these about a month ago. I absolutely love it. I don’t find it noisy at all. The thing I like is it is SAFE. I expected it to be able to heat a small room, but it heats my living room and kitchen enough, set at 68F, to keep my furnace from kicking on. VERY happy with it.

lasted 9 months before the H2 error shuts the unit down and needs to be “reset” and still the error continues.