Dyson AM10 Humidifier

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There is a coolness factor but you can accomplish the same thing with a rolled up newspaper and a metal bucket of water sitting on a radiator

It works, I’ve done it. So while that isn’t cool, it’s also not $300


I bought one of these when they were first released. It never worked as well as my good old Pure Guardian version. I sent it back. I won’t be a sucker for their new hair dryer either.
That being said I do love my Dyson cordless vacuum. The company should stick to what it does best.

Better use distilled water on your pretty toy or it won’t look so pretty after a while.

On sale at Target for $329.99 for a brand new one.

Am I missing its humidity settings and auto programming functions?

I think the user manual may have some of the info you are looking for. Here’s a link!

Thank you. That answers my question. I am constantly looking for a better way to humidify my guitar room.

Do they make DE-humidifier? Living in S. fl. makes a humidifier the most ridiculous purchase you can make. Unless you include sno-blowers.