Dyson Animal Complete Upright Vacuum

Sucks real good. Stronger message to follow.

You can’t go wrong with one of these it vacuums the carpets and wood floor better that any sweeper we have ever had. Also you get every kind of attachment with this one. And because it a refrub it’s less that have the price of a new one.

What model# is this?


Bought the older model of this 6+ years ago from Woot, refurbished, and couldn’t even tell it wasn’t new. Few years later some random part fell off transporting it when I loaned it to my mom so I called Dyson to order it and they sent it to me no charge. This was at least 3 years after I purchased it, so well after the warranty was expired. It finally died but I think that had more to do with my ex taking it to his place (bc he preferred it to his vacuum) WITHOUT TELLING ME. He’s the type of guy that’s rough on everything.

Don’t trust someone who takes your vacuum.

I went online to register the Dyson and was pleasantly surprised to find that, according to Dyson, this is covered for a period of five years. Good news!

So you can register this dyson for that warranty even if it’s a older model

Yes! Just go to the Dyson website: https://www.dyson.com/product-registration/select-product.aspx

Fill in your serial number and complete the form. Once registered Dyson will send an email confirming the registration listing the serial number, model, and expiration date of the warranty. Easy!