Dyson Animal Complete Upright Vacuum

Which model # is it?

UP13 complete

Which dc#?

they have same model for less price at Amazon.


That’s a different model.

Here’s the one we’re selling.


Before I pull the trigger on this purchase, can someone tell me why the warranty ONLY SAYS, “180 days” at the bottom of the Woot page for this product. If you purchase a new one you get a 2 -5 year warranty thru either Amazon, Best Buy or Dyson directly. YES, I get it that it’s refurbished but why wouldn’t they offer or include the “balance” of the original manufacturer’s warranty especially if it’s “manufacturally” refurbished???

That’s the standard Dyson warranty for their certified refurbished.

Just want to say you should not be worried about buying a certified refurbished Dyson. I have had a certified refurbished DC33 which was the strongest vacuum in the Dyson arsenal until only recent advancements have exceeded the 270 wa suction power. I used my baby for almost 10 years and only now am looking for a replacement. This offer is a no-brainer if you want maximum value for your dollars invested in a machine designed to clean your every dusty surface. My only hesitation is whether I should forego another upright and move along with Mr. Dyson as he walks away from corded models forever… decisions, decisions… will likely get this baby because of the additional tools, especially the tangle-free turbine tool… man I fell in love with that baby yesterday after seeing her work on the Dyson you tube playlist… I’m just saying folks… if you ever wanted to see what the hype is all about, this is the one to buy to try it out… I’m not paid by anyone for my love of Dyson… It is simply the superior engineering and tech that gets me going…