Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

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Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I would avoid buying this vacuum. I bought an “all floors” refurb a few weeks ago. The power head kept shutting off trying to vacuum our rug. I called Dyson and they sent me a replacement power head that did the same thing. I did test the vacuum on our wood floors and the power head worked without shutting off.
I called Dyson again and was told that it wouldn’t vacuum our rugs because the vacuum was too powerful? WTH. I buy a vacuum and it won’t vacuum rugs? So I tested it on our wall to wall carpet upstairs, just a standard carpet. I will say the powerhead only stopped working a dozen times instead of immediately.
I would recommend holding off until a “less” powerful vacuum comes up if you want to use it on any kind of carpet.
Oh and Dyson’s last reply - send it back to Woot. They would not take it.

Is the “turbine tool” powered, or does it depend on the suction to spin the beater bar?

We had a non-animal Dyson, but it had the same tool.

It runs off of suction. It spun okay on hard surfaces, but as soon as it touched upholstery, the spinning stopped.

I have one with the turbine and use it all the time to clean my cat tree and their blankets. Never had issue of it stopping. It is carpeted as well and it picks up the majority of hair left in their basket bed which gets sucked in and that does stop it from spinning.

I have had this vacuum for 5 years with no issues. It picks up the dog hair on both my carpets and Harwood, and every few months I disassemble the beater bar area to clean out the excess hair.
During the spring, when my Labrador is shedding, I even use a brush attachment and vacuum him to remove the loose hair… He actually enjoys it.

Is there no way to add the extended warranties from the mobile app or mobile website? I only ever see them on the full web page.

Also, what kind of measurement is 270AW? I’ve never seen that before.

It is powered by the suction. It actually works pretty well though.

I have this vacuum. I did a lot of research and found out that the factory reconditioned units are, in large part, considered better than the brand new units.

The Dyson factory goes over each unit by hand and inspects every part for full functionality.

My wife and I love the vacuum. My only critique would be that the suction hose can be a bit wonky to work with.

I bought this on woot a few weeks ago. What I didn’t know is that it works very poorly on high pile carpeting. It pushed so hard that I could barely move it, much less get my kids to vacuum, which was the intent. If you have thick carpet, avoid this vacuum.

I loved my Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright that I bought on Woot a couple of years ago. A couple of weeks ago it lost suction. I learned from our reputable vacuum repair service that 1) they no longer make parts for the Dyson; 2) some carpet companies will NOT cover problems with carpets if you have a Dyson.
Based on those 2 reasons, and a quick comparison of a reconditioned Dyson Ball in the store vs. another product, I bought the other product.
I do miss seeing all the dust and dog fur spin in the cannister, though …

SALT we read that salt and baking soda would kill fleas . 5 lbs of salt and 5 lbs of baking soda in the carpet … we live at the damp beach … it turned to a hard crystal and when i vacuumed it with this Dyson it killed the dyson .