Dyson Ball Animal Canister Vacuum

Dyson Ball Animal Canister Vacuum

I don’t need one, but it really has a 2-foot power cord? WTF? What’s the possible justification for that?!?!

I have to pee.




The features say 2". So maybe just two inches. So maybe only for very small rooms.

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I’m betting 20’. Let me see.

Update: So far, the same thing seen on Amazon & Nordstrom Rack.

Update 2: Newer model has 21’ cord. I changed it to 20’.

They are worried one will strangle one’s self when one realizes that they over paid for a Dyson product. Im still waiting on a replacement motor for the only Dyson product I ever bought. Broken after 2 months with less than 10 uses on it. Last Dyson item I will ever buy. Sharky much more reliable.

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I snagged one because I still use my refurbished dyson upright acquired on Woot several years ago. Thing works like a machine.
Acquiring this for my mother who hates uprights and loves canister vacuums.