Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum

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Dyson Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum
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We bought a Dyson a couple years ago and we hate it. The on/off switch went immediately bad. Does not clean low-pile area rugs well at all. Would never buy another Dyson if you paid us a million dollars. Nothing but heartache.

can this be returned since it is fullfilled by amazon?


Doesn’t matter how it’s fulfilled. :slight_smile:

Our return policy is linked in my signature.

I bought this type of Dyson and it clogged constantly. A Shark is better and cheaper.

This looks like the same model, if so - great deal and good reviews!

We’ve never owned a Dyson because they seem overpriced. OTOH, we love our Shark vacuum - it’s light weight, versatile and seems to have plenty of suction for routine household use.

If we ever need another vacuum in the future, it’ll probably be a Shark.

I bought a refurbished Dyson Animal here several months ago and love it. My floors look better and my daily roomba runs are getting more pet hair because it isn’t being ground into the carpeting.

I’m still using the Dyson DC33 that I bought from Woot back in 2012 for $200. No clogging, no issues with the power button, still works like a champ. However, here’s my problem: the cord wraps around the hooks, which are on the base and on the “instant release” wand. Not a problem if I’m already cleaning my whole house, but if I just want to quickly vacuum something up with the hose, I have to dump the whole cord on the floor first. Seems like poor design to me.

This leads to an unfortunate tendency for the vacuum to be shoved in the corner with the cord piled on the floor, ready to be quickly useful but more likely to be a tripping hazard, rather than being put away properly.

I was hoping this unit would include a self-retracting cord, but I see the accursed hooks on the pictures. No go.

Our last Dyson was a DC40 but I don’t know how it compares to this one because Dyson quit using model numbers and went to using using names only. However, they do look the same. That said, I love Dyson vacuums but would never get another of the “ball” design which are overly complex and chock full of inconvenient issues such as the kickstand which constantly gets tangled in the cord, not stable, and is persnickety about working properly when you need it.

We purchased a Shark Rotator UV795 here on Woot as a replacement and while it is different it has it own particular set of quirks that fix some of the issues the Dyson experiences at the expense of creating other quirks that need to be dealt with (never saw a bagless vacuum dirty a filter near as fast as the Shark). It’s not better or worse, just different.

On the Dyson, it is lighter and more compact with a lower profile head, the filters stay cleaner longer, the hose stores cleanly out of sight and the hand tools connect better and are easier to use. These are all issues with the Shark.

On the Shark Rotator, it is made of more substantial materials, the dirt bin is easier to clean, converts easier to many more forms, the cord doesn’t constantly get tangled and the LED lights are superb. These are all issues with the Dyson Ball.

They both clean the same, so it’s just a matter of which quirks you want to deal with. My two cents worth.

Oh, lot of haters here! Surprising that many go out of their way to express their dislike. Almost like they were getting paid to pitch another brand. hmmm…
OBTW, I love both of my Dyson vacs, and the newest stick one is truly amazing. Both have so much suction that I had to actually find a way to reduce it on the ball unit. No complaints at all, and I especially like the way attachments work so easily.

I went through a few Dyson’s and a Shark before giving up and getting a dirt cheap Hoover from Walmart for $60. That vacuum cleans as well and the multi-hundred dollar vacuums, and seems to have last a lot longer. Go figure.

So if people have negative opinions and state them with their particular gripe included, they are all fake?

I see the virus is spreading.

Got two of these here at Woot several years back. Both continue to function very well without any issues whatsoever. Both seriously suck…and that’s a very good thing.

I bought my Dyson Animal in 2005. I bought a second Canister type in 2008. I still use them every day. We have 5 dogs, and it keeps me from losing my mind with the hair! Whenever a part breaks, I just replace it! I will never use another brand again! How many folks can say they’ve had a vacuum for 13 years!

I can! Hoover windtunnel going on year 15, the last 9 with husky fur, and never had to replace any part.

Can anyone tell me if the exhaust air blows out to the side and onto the floor before you get a chance to vacuum it? There’s no point to a hepa filter if the vacuum stirs up all the dust first. That’s what my DC14 does.

I also hate the hooks. I just gather the cord up in big loops and hang them on the top hook. If I’m careful I can drop the cord on the floor, use the brush attachment on the wand and then pick up most of the cord and hang back on the top hook. I also would like to see a retractable cord but these things are already over designed. That would just increase the cost.