Dyson Ball Multifloor 2 Upright Vacuum

Dyson Ball Multifloor 2 Upright Vacuum

I like mine.

For the men out there this Black Friday eve I would like to say this. If you are thinking about getting this for that special woman in your life I think you might want to get a good size First Aid Kit for yourself. Just saying.

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about 20 yrs ago, after we moved into our brand new house, my wife was obsessed with vacuuming…so that christmas I bought her a very early edition bosch cordless upright vacuum. I swear this vac weighed 45lbs. and as vac go it sucked almost as bad as a dyson. yeah, that was an xmas gift for the recordbooks. I think it died within a month which made it easier to throw away.

We hired a new cleaning woman and to make things simpler, we bought a brand new dyson multifloor for her to use so whe wouldn’t have to haul her canister vac to the house.
I took the cleaning lady to the closet, opened the door and said “look! we bought a new vac so you don’t have to bring your own!”.
She laughed and waved her hands and in her best broken english said “Oh, mr Tim…thank you but that vac is garbage, no good, I bring my own, my vacuum MUCH better”. every week I get a nest alert of her wrestling her cannister vac into the house.
My wife still uses the dyson, works ok just doesn’t seem put together too well, like the plastic bits are loosening up, it kind of creaks and wobbles. this looks like a good price, I know my bride paid much more.