Dyson Ball Multifloor Upright Vacuum

Don’t bother. I bought a refurb and it kept clogging. NOT WORTH IT. Just buy a Shark Navigator. A little more expensive, but it works better than the Dyson.

Have others had similar bad experiences with Woot/Dyson Factory Refurbished units clogging?

I have one I bought new and it hardly ever clogs, so am curious.

Thanks for any info!

Or you’re doing it wrong. Maybe you should stop vaccuming up marbles and full bags of cereal.

I bought the Dyson DC14 (almost the same model but “rigid” - no ball) in Sep 2011 for the same price and DC14 still performs very well today. I don’t think you would be disappointed.

I want to buy this using my Amazon Acct. How do I connect?

I have a DC17 that I got from woot, back in 2012. I’ve used it regularly since I got it and it works just as well today as it did the first time. I’d never pay full price for a Dyson, but I would definitely buy one from here again. I don’t know how much better you could possibly do than one of these, in terms of cleaning ability, but I have a hard time finding anything better for this price.

Bought a refurb in 2007, had a $60 repair once. It’s still working, but I feel the suction may be decreasing in the past month or so.

I bought a refurbished DC07 back in 2008 and the only time I have a problem is when people treat it like a shop-vac.

I also have a refurbished (not this one) Dyson and it still works great today and have had it 5 years. Like a previous poster mentioned, I wouldn’t ever buy a brand new Dyson, but I remembered getting this and it was packaged like new. Was very happy with my purchase and still am. Have thought of getting another soon, but if I do it will be from Woot.

I purchased a DC25 factory reconditioned from Woot back in July of 2014 and it is still going strong. Love my Dyson.

I’m on my second in more than a decade and like any vacuum they do need to have the filters cleaned on occasion. But no, never had an issue with clogging. That’s a filthy house…

I already had (and love) two of the older Dyson uprights when I decided to buy this model because I thought the design would be better suited for cleaning around furniture. What a mistake!

First of all, it arrived missing a part. I had to call Woot who agreed to reimburse me $30, the maximum they would allow, but the piece with shipping & handling cost more than that.

It’s constructed cheaply and weighs far less than my other models. The worst part though is that it clogs continuously from vacuuming up things like fine, short dog hair. It also doesn’t come apart as easily as my other vacuums so unclogging it poses a challenge. Dirt also accumulates easily in the cleaner head which is difficult to remove.

It’s hard to believe Dyson would put their name on garbage like this. Do yourself a favor and run the other way before dropping money on this thing.