Dyson Bladeless Fan or V6 Motorhead

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Dyson Bladeless Fan or V6 Motorhead
Price: $179.99 - 229.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Mar 22 to Thursday, Mar 23) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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The Home Depot has 4.8 Stars on the Fan

BB&B has 4.7 Stars on the Vacuum

Should be good

I bought the vacuum for my wife about 3 months ago. It is good for spot cleaning and general hair pickup, but if you’re thinking of doing a whole house with it, you are mistaken. On high power (which you will need for any type of carpeting) the battery lasts for about 10 minutes. Regular power goes for about 25-30. It’s handy for quick things, but no replacement for any type of stand up vac at all.

Stop claiming that this is blade-less, the blades are in the base of the fan. Yes it is a cool design but it does have blades.

There’s no such thing as a bladeless fan. Open the base to see the blades.

I would avoid the fan if you want something that looks nice.

The fan will most likely come dented and scratched. I ordered 2 from Amazon, and returned them both because of how bad they looked. One didn’t even have a base with it. To me, they would be worth $50 for how rough of shape they were in. So bad, that I worried how well they repaired in internals.

Anyway, YMMV - but wanted to let you know.

i got an AM09 and AM08 from woot. Decent condition. I simply had to clean them, which should have been done already and I used a cheap paint pen for touch up where needed. There were just small blemishes.

Why is it $179 this time?

I purchased the exact same model Dyson fan, reconditioned, from Woot in November 2016 for $139.

I bought the v-6 a few moths ago, we have all solid floors and this thing is awesome, be careful of the brush head it is easily damaged if you suck up something like A cloth, and they are $$$$$$ to replace

Brought the vacuum for the wife last summer. She loved it, because it’s perfect for the kitchen and the tile in the front doorway. Her sisters loved it too, so I got one for them at Christmas and they love it.

We have the fan upstairs, in a corner, my son loves it when his friends come over and it makes for a perfect fan while playing video games.

Very happy with my 3 purchases (2 vacuums and 1 fan). Just lucky I got good refurbs.

Does woot only sell dyson? lol

No. We also sell bidets and cat shirts. :tongue:

O.M.G. Seriously. Give it a rest. You’re right. you win. Congratulations. …But the problem is is that nobody cares. …At all.

I have 3 various models of refurbed dyson fans. All have chipped, scraped, scratched edges.

I bought the Dysan fan for the wife a year or two back. Actually… i lie - she bought it “for me” for Xmas, as I had complained that the regular circular fan she used was too loud.

This thing though, is honestly garbage. It’s far from silent. Less noisy than a spinny fan, but it’s still loud enough to be irritating. It doesn’t blow as far as a 20" spinny fan, but worst of all - the ‘heating element’ in the unit blows the electrical circuit that it’s plugged into. Every time.

Couple that with the wife’s love affair with ‘all things dysan’ - We got the beast vacuum, and lately she also got the portable thing shown here - which I simply don’t use, it’d fiddly… plastic bits all over the place and I get irritated just trying to empty the cannister - I wouldn’t by another Dysan thing again (although the wife keeps trying).

I kinda want that Dyson Motorhead just to play air covers of Iron Fist.

Just bought that Dyson Motorhead thinking it was an air guitar for my Lemmy impersonation act.