Dyson Bladeless Fan

Excellent review! I purchased the floor standing unit when it was offered here
some time ago and we are still very satisfied.

That was worth a spit take.

Just need a short answer. Is this really worth 170 bucks? Or should I get 17 - 10 dollar box fans and cool my house down to 40 degrees while also creating a tornado inside my home?

The only reason I would by this, is to have my cat jump through it. meow

Can anyone who owns this comment on the top-heavy-ness of it? Does it seem like it is easy to tip over? As in if you have little kiddies? Or is the base heavy?

The write up is reminiscent of the Hunter-Garcia song ‘Bertha’

Bought one last time on a whim. One more thing off the bucket list!

The packaging is as ingenious as the fan itself, an origami wonder. Unfortunately, my fan arrived showing obvious wear. Most of the arrows were missing, making assembly a bit more of a challenge than it needed to be, involving lots of trial and error. But if this all thumbs near octogenarian managed to put it together anyway, it can’t be too hard!

It’s a little wobbly, making me wonder if I did actually assemble it correctly, but the problem seems to be in the motor/fan base, which was pre assembled, so maybe that’s just how it is. No little kids here, so it’s unlikely ever to be much of an issue.

I haven’t really used it, as it’s still winter in Chicago, but did test it to be sure it works. It is a little noisier than I hoped, but not more than could be expected given the small size of the fan it employs.

While it didn’t turn out to be as good a deal as I originally thought (discovered some for >10% less a couple of hours after I placed my order), it arrived in two days, a nice plus, and certainly looks nicer than the conventional fan it replaces. Whether it works better will not be determined for another four or five months.

The top is a light weight plastic, and the base is more than heavy enough to keep it from easily tipping. My base wobbles, and I’d be more concerned about it breaking than tipping, but I’m not sure they are all like that, as no one else seems to mention it.

How would it do:

  1. drying wet carpet?
  2. directing smoke smells out a window?

According to Dyson, the AM03 takes in 9 gallons per second of air. Most fans are specified in terms of cubic feet per minute. Dyson deliberately uses different units in order to confuse and mislead buyers.

9 gps = 72 cfm

This pedestal fan, sold on Amazon or Home Depot for $39.99, moves 1720 cfm. That is not a typo. It’s 24 times more airflow.


The Dyson fans are absolutely miserable and uncompetitive in terms of air movement. They are pretty, and do an especially good job of not blowing around nearby papers. But is that why you buy a fan?

As to the “air multiplier” effect, this is dubious. If you move your hand around the output of one of these things, you’ll notice that there is a lot of air expelled right around the edge where the ring output is, but virtually nothing in the center.

Dyson fans are also much, much louder than competitors, largely due to the restricted internal airflow between the conventional fan in the base and the ring (i.e. backpressure).

It wasn’t a criticism. I was just parroting what is always said when these fans are sold on Woot!

That said, since there is a fan, IMO it should be cleaned periodically. Is it easy or next to impossible to access the fan in the Dyson?

I don’t know this for a fact but I’m going to guess that it’s probably not just “next to impossible” but “slightly beyond impossible” to clean the blades with soap and water. Vacuuming is OK but not nearly as effective as washing. Cleaning fan blades & grills greatly improves performance and probably also reduces power draw. Vornado fans are a really good example of a difficult to clean fan if you want to take it apart and give it a good scrub.


it’s not top heavy, i bought one on a woot off…i really like it. I’m considering buying a second one to have one in my living room and one in the bedroom…I’m a big fan of it. I’ve had it for 2 months, albeit limited use since it’s not too hot, there were a couple days i usedit when it hit >70 and it’s very nice.

you’re wrong. You can’t feel air in the “middle” at about 2 feet away, nobody sits 2 feet away from a stand up fan. I can feel the air from this fan from 15 feet away in my house and it’s a large area of air, there is no ‘hole’ of the middle except for if you’re really close. I have this in my bedroom about 10 feet from my bed and it works fantastically.

Yes, of course you can feel air movement several feet away because the air disturbed by air exiting the ring outlets spreads out. My point is that the “air multiplier” effect is blatantly overstated because the additional air “multiplied” beyond that moving through the ring outlets is minimal. You can look at this either on the outlet side - towards the center - or you can look at this on the inlet side.

Take some paper and hold it loosely on the inlet side of the ring about a foot behind the fan. This is in the stream of “multiplied” air. Notice how it barely moves, even near the ring. This thoroughly bashes the air multiplier claim. If the Dyson fan was performing anywhere near the capacity of a similar size conventional fan, the paper would be flapping like crazy.

Good point. Even if the Dyson really “multiplied” the air by 15 times, it’s still less than that $40 fan which moves 24 times more air.

Our pediatrician’s office has these in every room. We have a lot of health issues and are there often so we have had lots of experience with these.
They are great if you have little kids. No worries about getting hurt with blades and my 3 year old has gotten too hands on with these fans quite a few times with out anything bad happening to the fan. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of the other patients are messing around with the fans while they are waiting but the office has had the same fans for about 2 years now with out them breaking (I’ve asked about the fans a few times since I was curious about them). And as for it’s function as a fan, it really cools down the room. If you are looking for a safe fan, this is it.

It’s a motor where the eletricity is digitally regulated, i.e. pulsed. That would presumably result in cleaner electricity which may protect the motor. A digital speed control would also be more precise although I think this uses an anlog potentiometer (i.e. dial). It acts like a surge protector would for your electronic equipment. At least that’s what I’ve heard…

As for misleading, not really. In an earlier post, I wrote that calling a device “wireless,” such as cellphones, doesn’t mean that there are no wires inside the phone. The “bladeless” aspect simply means that all the negative issues involving a blade has been eliminated, i.e. injuries, difficulty cleaning, buffeting, etc.

I have the table model and can tell you that the ring is pretty much hollow, thus very light. The motor is light as well. In fact, I can lift the entire fan with my pinky, which I cannot do with a atandard axial fan of similar power. That said, it doesn’t take much weight on the base to stabilize the thing and I havbe no doubt that Dyson has done that.