Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Vacuum - Purple

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Is this in honor of the passing of Prince?

i want to know the model number

The new ones aren’t named that way anymore.

If you have mostly hardwood and rugs DO NOT BUY THIS! Terrible!! Just picked up new from big box store and it’s one of the worst I’ve ever owned. It’s too powerful for rugs so it sucks up the rug and won’t move. On hardwood there is no clearance between the vacuum and the ground so it will push around (instead of suck up) anything as big or bigger than a popcorn kernel. This means to pick larger dirt and debris you need to use the wand which no other vacuum would have you do nearly as much. The wand itself is super long since it basically doubles as the handle which makes it tough to use. By pointing the wand down (as required to pick up anything on the ground) it often pinches the tube and loses most of its suction. It started squeaking immediately after unboxing, yet another known and unaddressed design flaw. Last but not least, you buy these theoretically to avoid buying future vacuums, ironically, I will probably be buying another sooner than later due to how impractical and ineffective this actually is. Do not buy, seriously.

I wish the offerings were not 90% TVs, computers and vacuum cleaners. I used to buy stuff all the time, but it may be a long time before I need another of any of those.

If you have large items on your floor or any floor vacuums don’t pick the up. You pick up large pieces manually or use a broom. Vacs are used to get dirt, dust, pollin, etc. I have two dyson vacuums and not an issue at all.

I owned several vaccums before this one that could easily deal with the occasional debris bigger than a grain of sand. Having two small children it’s often there’s small pieces of cereal, play dough, etc and our Sharks and Electro never had an issue picking these up without the need to select one of 8 included attachments.

That is surprising, I have had mine since 2007 and it works great. I actually now use it to clean a 3000 square foot gym and it is still going strong, zero issues.

Area rugs can get sucked up by any vacuum, and this one doesn’t do any worse than any other I’ve owned, except that it breaks free much more easily.

I vacuum over tile, but I always sweep first - as I would with any vacuum. If you only want to vacuum hardwoods, this is not the right choice; you’ll want a much smaller, lighter vacuum, and be prepared to pick up debris the vacuum can’t suction.

What a sick company Dyson is. I can’t believe they made a product that sucks up animals. Shame on you for this.

Only the animals with Big Balls

Budget an extra $15 to buy a 3rd party adapter to allow your old attachments to work with the new vacuum.

I rather have the power of the Dyson suction vs not. Used to own one and made the mistake of switching to a Shark when I had to part with my Dyson. The Shark is horrible on hardwood floors (very, very weak suction) whereas this Dyson is a god send on hardwoods. Used it multiple times per day on our huge main floor hardwoods when trying to sell our house. The Shark would have made me give the house away!

Ah, OK. Is there a list somewhere?

Here’s one- quick, get your Dyson Big Ball Animal vacuum!:



That poor dogs tail should not have been docked!

The Dyson must have got it- damn all that suction!

I have mostly hardwood floors and rugs, and mine works great for me.