Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Vacuum - Purple

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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Vacuum - Purple
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Aug 02 to Wednesday, Aug 03) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Product Page/Reviews

Nice, but I’m kinda afraid what condition a reconditioned vacuum cleaner can be in…

Factory reconditioned… so it will be clean and almost like new. Honestly, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

I bought a factory reconditioned Dyson here a couple years ago. It was basically brand new looking. 'Twas like theco said, you really couldn’t tell the difference.

So, I had one like this. I was unhappy with it for the price. You can get a fairly good traditional upright vacuum for this price or a Shark of similar quality for half as much. I don’t like speaking ill of deals on here, but, while for the price this is a solid deal, the product itself is not worth the premium they charge you for the name.

I say all of this because my pet model(paid some $300 new) failed in less than 12 months with a hard to repair failure(cyclone, which is what I believe they call the opaque piston looking thing on the canister, became clogged) due to pet hair.

So, if you like Dyson, go for it. If you just want a vacuum, I’d suggest something else on performance to value ratio.

I purchased one of these over a year ago for my condo, it arrived fairly clean and came with a 90 day warranty. After a year it is still rocking, it gets used weekly but also cleaned on a regular basis (filters and such). All in all I am happy with the purchase so much so we bought one for the common areas in the building.

yeeeahhh I don’t know about this. I bought a refurbished one on woot and my wife complained that it never worked well. Eventually it became a shop-vac and still doesn’t work well. But it could have just been mine.

I bought a refurbished Dyson from Woot a few years ago and the thing still works great. It was one of the smaller canister ones though,so I may be in for one of these since it is larger.

I absolutely love my DC65 animal complete so I was skeptical about any other vacuum. When I received my Cinetic big ball from official website I expected a vacuum that had the potential to be as good as my DC65. I am pleased to say I was completely wrong! I don’t know how they did it but Dyson has made an even better vacuum! The Cinetic big ball makes less noise then my DC65. It also glides to the left and right easier then the DC65 I currently own. I love my DC65, but the Cinetic big ball put it to shame. I just vacuumed my floor two days ago (in a high traffic area) and then used the big ball today and the amount of hair and dust it pulled up was outstanding. I also used the hand and stair tools and again was surprised about how much more the big ball pulled out of the carpet compared to my DC65. Both are great vacuums but if you are looking for the best you can’t go wrong with the cinetic big ball.

Save yourself some money and buy a new Shark. I’ve owned both Shark and Dyson, and while my experience with Dyson wasn’t terrible, I can’t say it worked any better than my Shark that cost half the price of the Dyson. You are paying a premium for Dyson’s flashy marketing.

I’ve purchased TWO Dyson vacs here…the better part of 10 years ago, I believe…and both have worked like a champ from Day 1. If you have interest in Dyson vacs…and I realize they’re not for everyone (and for different reasons)…I myself can’t think of a better way to buy them.

The Dyson I ordered from Woot was listed the same and it looked brand new. The only clue it was not brand new was the box was plain brown instead of covered with glossy photos.

I am not sure how anyone can say a shark is as good! I have owned and used for at least three years Dysons, Sharks, Bissells, Hoovers and Dirt Devils. While a few of the other brands started out working almost as good as the Dyson none of them held up after about 18 months. My Dyson from Woot is now over five years old and is still working perfect. I some times think of buying a new one since mine is so old but it is hard to justified as mine is still working perfect. The only negative I can give my Dyson was at about year 4 I tore the flex hose. $30 bucks got me a new hose.

Question: does this definitely come with the tangle-free turbine tool? It’s listed in the specs but there are several reviews on Amazon for this same refurb vacuum complaining there was no turbine tangle free tool included.


I bought a DC07 from woot about a year ago. It looked very clean, with only a couple scratches, but the vacuum head wouldn’t stay down; the hinge was binding. I took it in for warranty repair (the service shop is conveniently 10 minutes from my work) and left it there since the tech was out to lunch. I called a few days later, but they hadn’t touched it yet and would that day. I picked it up later that day, and the tech told me he had never done so much work on it. They had to replace the whole chasis, motor and some other parts. Total cost to me: $0. SO the factory refurb wasn’t great, but the warranty repair service was top-notch. On my way out the door, the tech told me next time to just buy a new one. I thanked him and walked out the door smiling.

Filters? It says no filters to clean.

bought my reconditioned about six years ago. looked new…still works like a champ!

We confirmed with our vendor that this Dyson does come with the Tangle-Free Turbine tool.

For those who are worried about the re-conditioned Dyson’s… I purchased a re-conditioned Dyson DC14 from Woot about 9 years ago and it has been working well since. It recently started to go downhill… hence why I am here again.