Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum

I believe everyone posting is talking about dyson refurbs and as you can read they, well, as far as this model is concerned is AMAZING!

When mine came it looked brand new except that the clear canister was a bit cloudy.

I didn’t know anything about Dyson or their rep for customer service *which I understand is outstanding… So I went ahead and got the longest amount of SquareTrade extended warranty. Didn’t need it… hear Dyson CS goes beyond the listed warranty but ???

SqTrd gave a bit more peace of mind… do read up on the policy - they have great CS too if you have any questions … *btw, do sign up before you buy and get any coupons they might have!

Mine arrived today. No suction at the base. It looks like a piece is broken off. The unit is not very well balanced and squeaky as well. Contacted woot for a replacement but this is not a good first experience for me with Dyson. It looks like this unit was basically pulled out of a dumpster and wiped down with a rag before sending out. There’s no way a throughout quality check would miss suction at the base!

Mine arrived last week. It is clean and seems like new, but the canister release doesn’t work.

Email is off to support@dyson.com. We will see!

You should also contact Dyson. It’s possible they’ll send you a new canister. They will have the part to send whereas we do not.