Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum

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Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum
$179.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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This thing sucks!



OK Lady wooters, buy this one up. Get one for each floor of your house and maybe one for the kitchen, too.

You stole my line!

… huh?

i guess this one isnt as good as the animal ?

Have this exact vacuum and love it. It takes a lot of abuse (I have three dogs, one of which sheds constantly) and this thing keeps going.

Men can vacuum, too.

Typically for women though :slight_smile:


Has the Dyson handheld been woot-offed yet?

Once you have a Roomba this is obsolete!! How did I ever survive without it??

Great write-up. Always wanted a Spiritual Vacuum Cleaner. Maybe it can convert my iRoomba from its evil circle dance ways! :))

Hop on the bandwagon you Wooters that have been crying for a Dyson! This dyson will be whirling around for you!

I love it when they sell vacums on here!!! not

I have an older Dyson and like it for the most part - hair will get tangled around the beater bar and have to be trimmed every once in a while, and you have to be sure to clean the filter on occasion, to keep the vacuum working perfectly. This seems to be a great price.

Dyson makes a damn fine vacuum. If you don’t have one, get one.