Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum

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Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum
$179.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I have this vacuum. It’s awesome!

Isn’t this like the 4th Dyson?

ugh, this sucks!

you will never be as funny as Tosh

Another item I cannot afford or do not really want… I wish I would have bought that razer headset now.

How is this thing with pet fur? My cats shed like crazy and my old vacuum just isn’t up to the task anymore.

A Dyson? During a Woot Off? Whoa, Mind blown.

Dyson- Just one ball, yet so much sucking.

I’m beginning to wonder if dyson only sells vacuums through woot. At least, thats where i see the majority of them for sale.

I have two dogs and a cat…it sucks up the pet hair great.

YES!!! I have been waiting since the Woot-Off started to buy this thing. Phew! I can relax now.

I got a blue one in a previous woot and the first time I used it, it sucked up all the extra fuzz from a new carpet. After the 3rd use no more fuzz came up (Carpet was ok).
I also turn the roller off to use on hardwood and works great.

359.99 on amazon

so bummed I missed the BOC :frowning:

Does anyone know if this can handle 220v? I’m having trouble finding specs.

add me to list of people wanting dyson.woot.com!

Sadly, you cannot power this thing with the iGO adapter from the previous deal.

Oh, this is awesome!