Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum

I don’t want to be “1st”! I want to know how well these work in mostly carpeted homes with cats.

since this has a filter and cleans the air, can i just let this run all the time and use it as an air circulator/ filter?

I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and I absolutely love mine. It’s disturbing at how much it really does pick up. I didn’t encounter the problems that some did during one of the recent offerings (awful noises, missing parts, receiving a dirt devil instead, etc). Mine has worked flawlessly since day one and I’m very pleased with my purchase.

Wow, a Dyson! Who’da thunk it?

Got DC24. Love it (with 2 cats and carpet).

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I got this through Woot a couple of months ago. I have a dog and a cat. I have been very satisfied with its performance.

Is it hard to maneuver w/o the ball?

a present for my grown son. I really like my canister dyson… hope this grown-up present doesn’t cause him to regress.

Best vacuum on the planet, my niece and cousin just got in on one. I paid $20 more just a few months ago on Woot, these are NEW not refurb.
I have bought two refurbs from Dyson, both were spotless brand new units never plugged in.
They list them as refurb. so the dealers don`t scream and they protect the retailers.

I have the older DC14 before the ball design. Have had it about 10 years and it still works as awesome as it did on day one. Every six months or so I take it apart and clean our the hair (I have 3 girls in my house) that gets caught on the spinning bits. Works like new.

You really can’t go wrong with one of these.

Right there with you… Mine’s worked perfectly since bringing it home lots of years ago.

At this price, I might need another to keep upstairs instead of having to lug mine up and down…

Love this model. Love the d25 too, but this one is Much easier to click apart if things like socks or toys get caught in it. Also, the wand on this one is easier to use and has a larger diameter than the ball vac. The first day I used my new ball dyson, also from woot, a tiny cheese all clogged the hose. Seriously. It was a bulgar to get out too.

In short, this vacuum has some significant advantages over the ball vac.The canister is larger too. (-:

Love Dyson vacuums.

Hey I missed out on the Dyson DC24 yesterday. I’ve heard they come up all the time, but I need one now (isn’t that always the way it is). Is the Dyson DC14 as good as the DC24, or should I just wait and live with piles of cat hair?

You should see this Dyson DC24 Animal Vacuum Cleaner before you buy.

Got this in Sept as a refurb, looks like new and works great. The HoH is very picky about vacuums and she thinks it is great also.

The wand thingy seems a bit strange but it is simple, easy to empty (that is a biggy) and overall very satisfied.

There’s a Dyson Blueprint DC24 at Best Buy for $199.99 today. It’s posted on Deals.Woot. I don’t know the price difference from yesterday, though.

How are we supposed to argue about the pros/cons of maneuverability if there’s no ball?? And what about somebody to post the cut away diagram??