Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum

Amazon has it for $500… but that’s new, not refurb roxor.

I think if you get the square trade with this it’s not bad but refurbs always scare me.

This thing sucks so hard I bought two.

I bought the same refurb (except in teal) for my mother from a long ago previous woot. Not one problem with the vacuum. I would have no fear pulling the trigger on this one.

Although, we have the same model and it’s a tad on the heavy side, and the hose extension has been severed and now requires that you hold it together to get full suction when fully extended.

actually, this looks to be a new generation then what we have. The hose looks to be quite a bit more solid then the accordion style that I have.

I know YMMV, but I got a refurb Dyson DC07 a couple years ago on Woot, and it’s still going strong. We’re not exactly gentle with our vacuum either (pets, fireplace, stairs, etc.). Might be worth a shot if you need it.

Bought from Woot recently. A list of observations:

The power button is in the wrong place. I accidentally turn it on often.

It is so good at sucking that it perpetually disgusts me at what it pulls out of the rug.

There is no weird smell- somehow the refurb fairies managed to give it a new vaccuum smell. It was really clean too. I wouldn’t have known it was a refurb, except for the cloudy cannister.

The cable is really long.

Er… that’s it.

last non-woot off comments (> 500 when selling 2 colors in September): $179.99 same price (edit: and for November woot-off, same price)


A little over four years ago I made my first Woot purchase. It was this Model Dyson… It still works great to this day. Cost a little more back then… $250 if I remember right.

Video review

This is the only vacuum my sister and friends will talk about. They love their Dysons.

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I do wonder, though, how it is with pet hair? I mean, most of my vacuums have died early deaths because of my animals.

Support page:


with user guide:

Do NOT buy this vacuum if you have area rugs. I bought one a few months ago on woot, and after realizing that the awful noise it makes while attempting to vacuum medium size or smaller area rugs is completely unfixable, I am now stuck with this vacuum. I spent hours on the phone with Dyson, and they basically said, “if you would have called us before buying this model we would have told you it has too much suction for area rugs.” Who calls a vacuum company before buying a vacuum to see whether or not it will, um, vacuum?! After being shut down by Dyson, I contacted Woot customer care and was told, “sorry, we can’t take it back. Try to sell it on Craigslist or eBay.” $179 down the tubes. So, unless you have wall to wall tacked down carpet or large, heavy, area rugs, stay clear of this vacuum–it sucks! Pun intended.

Are you really complaining that a vacuum has too much suction!? Sounds like a good thing to me! Maybe shake the rugs outside?

I have said it before and I will say it again…if you need a vacuum, buy this one. Mine is 5 years old (identical “refurb” from woot), used every day and still going strong and still good as new…errr…refurb. Great on rugs and wood floors, easy to clean, and does a better job, hands-down, than any vacuum I have ever owned. You can get a nifty air-driven brush for furniture or hard to reach rugs and low profile tool that will go under the lowest couch or bureau on ebay for a good price and you won’t need anything else. I have shown mine to house guests who have then gone on to woot for the same deal and never looked back. This is a 5 star product at a 5 star price.

I bought this one in November and never thought I could be in love with a vac!!! I am still in the OMG I just cleaned my carpets and it is sucking this much crap up phase!!! wish now I had bought one for my daughter for Christmas…

I bought a VERY similar refurbed Dyson from Woot nearly 6 years ago I think. A hoover we got shortly before it went long ago. Count me as a Dyson evangelist, 'nuff said. (though I will say, the Hoover was more powerful and could take the Dyson right off the line, but within two or three strokes would weaken dramatically, where the Dyson really doesn’t lose much power until the canister is FULL)

Mid-length shepherd, a short-hair golden retriever, a moderately destructive two year old domestic short-hair human, and two cats whose mission in life is to shed on every textile in my home.

It’s fun emptying the canister, and watching all of their hair go bye-bye, along with chunks of crayons, coins, paper towels, sandwich bags, mid-size autos…
However, on shag, small, or area carpets, it IS quite powerful, and you may spend more time extracting the carpet from the Dyson, than dirt from the shag.

I got this during the last woot-off, and we are very happy with ours.

I remember someone commenting last time that there is a second HEPA filter in the housing just above the motor that gets clogged over time because end users don’t know about it and just clean the top filter on the canister, but it looks like it wouldn’t be too hard to get to once necessary.

Also, several people said that this model is heavy, but it’s really not that bad; the only real weight comes from the motor itself. The rest is mostly lightweight plastic, so it doesn’t take a lot of effort to lift with one hand.

The ratcheting sound is exactly that…a clutch that protects the rug and the machine. The noise tells you to move the machine away and start again. Mine does this on one rug in particular, a dense pile oriental. I simply tilt it back and start over. The sound is alarming, but it is what it was designed to do. Try turning off the brush if it bothers you.