Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum

**Item: **Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum
Price: $169.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at walmart.com

Tons of good reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at the O

I’ll sneak one in:
$169.99 tonight
Just sold on woot-off, 8 comments:
not sure on price.
Sold probably same model $179.99 Dec. 23, 2011

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I own this model. I have had it a few years and it has performed very well. I would buy it again especially at this price

Thats my 2 cents on it.

Please make up your own mind as everyones needs are different.

I don’t have much carpet in my house and am transitioning to tile soon. Does it make sense to get this as opposed to a $70 vacuum from Costco?

bought this off woot, refurb, in perfect seemingly new condition. Performs flawless, picks up everything!! Wand works great for ceilings, drapes, etc, as well as to detail the car.

A great buy if you need a vacuum. A little heavy to push around if you’re not in decent shape.

Best vacuum I’ve ever owned!!

If you have a Kohl’s in your area, wait until they have extra 30% off, plus $10 Kolh’s cash for every $50 spend, plus these vaccum being on sale, you may get a new one that cost very cose to the refub one offered here. Kohl’s send the extra % off out every month, the three IFs I mentioned above does happend often. Plus, it’d a lot easier to return items to a department store.

I bought this on a Woot a couple of years ago, refurb which meant it came in a plain box. It looked new and has been flawless. Would buy it again.

I bought one of these refurb off woot several years ago - no visible defects or problems.

I knew they were good, but had no idea just how good until I put it up against my mom’s expensive bag upright…
I vaccuumed the carpet in a room with hers. When finished it LOOKED clean. But then I went back over the same carpet with the Dyson.
The amount of filth underneath that the Dyson’s suction managed to pick up (that the other one had been leaving behind) was really quite disgusting.

That being said, it’s a relatively heavy vacuum. I don’t mind though, I think of it as heavy artillery for cleaning.

Have this one and had the one with the ball. Still prefer this one. Have two large long haired dogs and two cats. We used to burn up vacuum motors about every two years. Even burned up a Kirby. This one is still going strong after several years (I think 6). I just had to replace the hose, because I pull too hard on it, cleaning walls, ceilings, light fixtures, fans, etc. and it finally got a hole in it. Replacing it was not at all expensive and very easy through the Dyson website. This thing is a tank!

Just checked…mine is the DC07, bought in May 2009, also refurb. Would not hesitate to buy another someday when this one dies!

Another little bit about these is that someone who has actually cleaned a house designed it. The way the hose and attachments are set up are very logical and superbly functional. It makes the cleaning job go so much faster and easier!

Isn’t http://amzn.com/B0007LJO2C the same vacuum, cheaper?

[MOD: Used ≠ Dyson Refurbished. Also, shipping costs]

Bought this one in July 2011 as a refurb. Runs just as good as the day it was delivered. Would recommend again.

It looks like it has the same handle as the Dyson DC33, which I have. I’ll tell you what I like the least about it.

The handle is the extension cleaning tube. Which means you’re sucking up gunk where you hold it. You also have to uncoil the entire cord if you’re going to use the extension pole. Are they minor annoyances? Maybe to some. But it makes it take just a little longer, and feel just a little dirtier.

*And if this one doesn’t open at the top of the handle, feel free to remove, but it looks the same.

I only have carpet in my basement, none on my main living level, but still use this all the time. I bought the same model off Woot a couple years ago.

It’s got a “bare floor” function that turns off the brushes so it just uses the suction. I use that all the time on our wood and tile floors and it’s great at picking up the little bundles of hair our dog somehow shoots off of her body.

I just turn the brushes back on when vacuuming one of our large area rugs and am always amazed at how much dirt/hair it can pick up.

I use this vacuum daily at a dance studio with lots of hair, bobby pins, clips, food, erasers, etc., and it works flawlessly! I’ve bought ‘industrial’ vacuums that last one month then break, had this vacuum for more than 2 years and still picks up everything like the day I bought it! I recommend this vacuum and I feel like Woot is offering it at a steal!

I’ve been looking for a nice vacuum deal. Looks like all good things being said, so I’ve really just got one question for those who already own one: would it be worth it to pick up the squaretrade extended warranty or is it your opinon (as an owner) that the build quality is such that the 6 month Dyson warranty would be enough to catch any initial problems and beyond that thongs should be fine?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve been trying to purchase this for the last 10 minutes and It’s in my cart and it directs me to a weird page and there is no “Purchase” button. I’m afraid it will sell out before customer service can get back to me. Help!!