Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum

**Item: **Dyson DC14 All Floors Vacuum
Price: $169.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Good reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at amazon

How did Aristotle know what a vacuum was?

This vacuum sucks


Very good reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at The O

Very good reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at walmart.com

Bought none of these several years ago from Woot…awesome suction,built like a tank…be aware it is large and heavy…the newer smaller ones with the ball are sweet but more expensive…to get any Dyson for this low price is a great deal !!!

I got this vacuum a while ago. It is heavy and the design is antiquated. The suction isn’t even very good. All in all, it doesn’t deserve to be called a Dyson. And as it keeps coming up on Woot, it’s obviously a problem for the company.

I disagree…I bought one several months ago on Woot and it is antiquated and heavy but it’s pulling up dust and dirt from the apartment below me!!

I have had one of these since they first came out. They work great and are built like tanks.

The first one’s had a problem with the power button and power cord, but these Dyson replaced and it has been going strong for over 6 years.

2 things you have to remember is you have multiple filters and if you don’t replace/clean them per the recommendations you will loss suction. Second thing is that the vacuum works better if you empty the dirt container prior to 75% to the full line.

Link to a DIY book on DYSON repair http://dysonworkshopmanuals.com/

Check the dirt bin frequently for small dogs and kittens too.

Terrific vacuum and the price is fantastic.

Let me tell ya a little story 'bout a man named Jed. But first, let me tell you a story about vacuums. I had a TriStar for years and when it finally gave up the ghost, I bought another TriStar (used…who buys these new?) and this model Dyson. I figured I’d give them both a try and sell the one that didn’t make the cut. The TriStar - as you probably know - is awesome. It will suck the daylight out of the sky, but it’s a cumbersome George Jetson kind of thing. I bought the Dyson because I thought I’d want to vacuum my dog nest more if it was more convenient to use.

Bottom line, the Dyson stayed and the TriStar went. Not only did the Dyson pull dog hair out of every corner, it was much easier and convenient to use with no bags to empty (or buy) and it didn’t have to be dragged around like some stubborn two-year-old.

That was 5 years ago and it’s still going strong. I’m actually considering getting this Woot offer because the price is so good on a GREAT vacuum.

I have had this exact model for a number of years now and have nothing but good things to say about it. VERY strong suction.(Reminds me of a girl I used to… eeerr umm well thats another story for another time).

Its all in the perspective I guess… I see comments saying its heavy…LOL…I think its light as a feather ,but hey thats just my opinion.

Any ways , I would buy this unit again… I picked it up “BRAND NEW” at Methuen Mass, Walmart a number of years back for the final price of $160.00. If I had known then what a steal that was I would have bought the entire 20 units or so they had set out on a skid. In the Target Store across the street it was $499.00.

We got one last year from woot and it works great, no problems with suction at all. And for those who say it’s huge/bulky, my 4 year old son had no problem using it and moving it around easily. It may not be tiny, but it’s balanced well.

3.8 out of 5.0 is not a good score. A substantial number of people don’t like it.

The vacuum is made of plastic. It will eventually break down. It is not built like a tank. The first thing to break down is the yellow floor tip, which will crack after several strikes to the wall or the feet of furniture.

Excellent vacuum suction. It is good while it lasts.

I am actually looking at this exact vacuum sitting in my living room chastising me for not using it yesterday like I said I was going to. We live in Oregon under the 100 foot fir and hemlocks and we drag in a TON of crap from outside. This vacuum takes care of it all, even pine needles. I bought mine here 2 years ago for $189 and have been thrilled with it. Not sure it would be worth $300+ but for less than $200 I think it’s a very worthy investment.

I have this model and the clutch mechanism is finally worn out to the point that it doesn’t spin the brush bar very well over dense carpet. The suction is still fantastic with very little effort to keep it clean after 6+ years. Definitely a good investment.

As for the clutch, it isn’t just a $2 belt to replace, but my local vacuum store can replace the clutch for $30-$40 and had one in-stock: ymmv; however, you will likely eventually have to replace it.

The “lifetime” filter (beneath the canister!) was black with motor burn so also needed replacing which was another $30. Not bad for 7 years of good luck and plenty of good enough cleaning.

My vacuum repair person said it best: “Of all the bagless vacuums available, Dyson does the best at it.”

Bought the “Full Kit” version of this at Costco when it first came out years and years ago. Different color but as far as I know same vacuum.

Guy saying it’s made of plastic so not tankish has no idea what he’s talking about I’ve used mine as a home and shop vac for years without a single broken piece.

This vacuum has worked fantastically since I bought it which was at least 7+ years ago. Mine has marks all over it from garage, car, and shop use but nothing cracked or damage in any manner. Suction has gone down a bit since I bought it but that’s because of the rubber seals letting air in due to age and they sell replacement kits for those it just isn’t enough of a problem for me to bother with yet since it’s still working better than most peoples vacuums do brand new.

still have mine from 2003 — runs like a champ… was factory reconditioned… alas, there was no woot.com then. I think It was from Amazon /irony