Dyson DC14 Full Kit Upright Vacuum



great woot… fun way to start off the weekend… or is it?.. check useful linkage for CSE links… i got a few…


I got one of these last time around. I’m very happy with it


Attention males: this is not a romantic gift.


These are listed on Amazon.com for $399


Am I the only one who thinks an extra “LIFETIME” filter is funny?



(good price here)


why would you need an extra lifetime filter? for your next life?


I own one of these and this thing is the best. Buy two!!


I have carpet fuzz all over my freaking apartment, too bad mine still hasn’t broke yet woot! I just don’t use it!


got the DC07, yellow, these things rock…very solid…


Great vacuum, great price…

… but why an EXTRA LIFETIME filter??? lol

must be a video game thing … Mission clean living room Completed 1x EXTRA LIFE!


This is not the DC-14 “the ball”. It is an older model. The newer one rotates on a ball which makes it much easier to handle. Cleaning with any od the dyson’s is excellent.


Wooted a Dyson in a previous life. Only need one. Next please.


great for people with cats, holds at least seven or eight (or two collies)



It’s been said many times before… These are AWESOME vacuums! NOTHING beats them.

I’ve gotten two from woots (an animal and the ball), they’re just nothing like you’ve used before.



I use my Dyson daily. Roombas run at night, Yet the Dyson cleans it all what they miss.

Then again I have OCD.


I caught that too. I guess you have two lifetimes of use from this vacuum cleaner. You can will it to your kids and it will last their lifetime too.


Bought my Dyson from woot (refurbed) about 6 months ago. Best woot ever! Such a good vacuum, and at a rediculously low price compared to anywhere else. I love it. no complaints.


I’ll stick with my Oreck.