Dyson DC14 Full Kit Upright Vacuum

Ugh…these take forever to sell…

Did same price as before but now its a kit… i wish it was 200.

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Dyson DC14 Full Kit Upright Vacuum
$249.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Factory Remanufactured
products: 1 Dyson DC14 Full Kit Upright Vacuum
1 Dyson Mini Turbine Head
1 Dyson Bare Floor Tool
1 Dyson Extra Lifetime filter

Long live the Woot-Off !!!

in for 3

finally i can get some sleep

this is a good deal

this item sucks :smiley: litterally


hulu and woot off=no sleep :frowning:

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Factory Remanufactured Dyson DC14 Full Kit Upright Vacuum, for $249.99 + $5 shipping
4 different products:[list][] 1x Dyson DC14 Full Kit Upright Vacuum
] 1x Dyson Mini Turbine Head
[] 1x Dyson Bare Floor Tool
] 1x Dyson Extra Lifetime filter
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Why the extra “LIFETIME” filter?


this thing vacuums

I hope there are only 2 of these.

Has anyone written a FireFox Add-on for wootoffs??


I make me hawny, baby!

Um… if it’s a lifetime filter, why do you need an extra one?

this item sucks!

we were so close,
had to ruin it…