Dyson DC14 Total Clean Vacuum

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Refurbished Dyson DC14 Total Clean Vacuum, for $249.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Dyson DC14 Total Clean Vacuum

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These were on the last woot off a few days ago. My cousin has a dyson and all she can do is talk about how awesome it is… i dont know how anyone could have that much to say about a vacuum cleaner!

I heard that the dysons can really suck.

Dyson is the Apple of the Vacuum world. The people that have them usually cannot shut the freak up about how great they are.

Here’s what the Dyson goes for on ebay:

Ebay Reults: Dyson Total Clean Vaccum

In case anyone was curious :slight_smile:

Sure looks like a bunch of Wooters making a buck. Haha!

First, dyson’s are amazing and always get rediculously nice reviews. But interesting to note, on Buzzillions, the “new” dc14 gets a 4.7 on average, but the “refurb” gets a 4.8 on average. Interesting, right?

My Woot Dyson was manufacture reconditioned as well. After about 5 minutes of use the unit stopped switching on. I actually think the problem was with the on of switch “itself”. Well the local dealer put a service order in to the warranty dept of Dyson and … 10 WEEKS later they called and said “We received the very special computer controlled on/off switch part from Dyson this morning and expect your vacuum will be ready to go in 2 hours”.

Thats right, 10 weeks to get the part and two hours to fix.

But the moral is PRAY PRAY PRAY yours doesn’t break; you’ll use half your warranty waiting for the part.

That said, it’s never had a problem since and I FREAKING LOVE THIS VACUUM. Every time I’m over at a friends who’s cleaning I always feel bad about their having to put up with their crappy vacuum. It really is a hard working device. Great Buy!

Wiz, you go to friend’s houses to clean… seriously? Anyhoo, I have a DC07 for about 5 years… still sucks great, thought the plastic they are made out of could be a bit less brittle. The clip holding a hose on snapped and I have had to use electrical tape to fix it but good as new. Good thing about them is that the whole vacuum line can be easily dismantled and cleaned.

I got a Dyson on Woot, A refurb true, but I haven’t had a problem and it works very well. I have a mega dander Shar-Pei and the D just flat out works GREAT!

I’ve had the DC14 Animal for several years and am very happy. I remember when I first got it thinking that something was wrong as it was so quiet compared to the Hoover Windtunnel that I had. I tried out the Dyson on some carpet that I had just vacuumed using the Hoover, and was amazed at how much the Dyson pulled out. So much for my high end Hoover.

Anyway, if you’re considering a Dyson, take the leap. You won’t be sorry.

I have to be honest… I’m tired of seeing vacuum cleaners on woot. I really wish they would still to cool electronic gadgets… I mean, come on… I stay up every night till 1am just to see what’s on woot… and half the time is a vacuum cleaner!

Is this an animal?

Same vacuum from Wal-Mart (new): $398.92

You’ve obviously never used one before…

How do these do on non-carpeted floors, like hardwood, tile, etc.?

These do great on any floor surface. I have a Dyson “slim” and they have amazing suction power and you can turn off the beater bar so it wont fling things around at all. Even cleans up broken glass without any need for a broom.

Yah! Guess I’m in for one, then. Here’s a last cheers to that layer of dust all over my house.

i get out my 07 to vacuum a little of the high traffic area and find myself doing the whole house. once i turn it on, i can’t turn it off. i think it somehow takes over your body till the whole house is done and it is satisfied. kinda scary, huh.