Dyson DC15 The Ball All Floors Bagless Upright Vacuum

How’s this on hard surfaces, meaning hard wood or slate floors? My current vacuum sucks ( no pun intended) on hard surfaces but is good on carpet. Do I need two different vacuums if this one roxors on hard floors?

I love my Dyson DC07 that I purchased here at Woot a while back.

The only problem with this Woot is that it’s a refurb and only carries a 6 month warranty. Any manufacturer that refurbishes products should offer a full like-new warranty, which in Dyson’s case is 5 years. They should not offer a reduced-term warranty. If it’s really as good as new, why not warrant it as such.

That’s my opinion, though. Dysons still rock!

I second this request.

I bought the animal version of this product, since I have a houseful of cats.

When I brought it home, I wanted to see what it could do for almost $700.

So, I vacuumed with my Dirt Devil TWICE before going over the carpet again with the Dyson animal. The Dyson picked up a full canister and a half full of dust and cat hair that the Dirt Devil missed.

I was super impressed with the suction and ease of emptying the canister. I have to say however, that the extension wand is awful.

I have 4 of these vacuums and they are very nice. THESE REFURBZ ROXORZZZZ

I love my roomba, but for deep down sucking you can’t beat a dyson. I still love my roomba and my dirt devil feather weight that I paid $20 and does a good job. This is just too dam expensive and I hate to vacuum. LONG LIVE THE ROOMBA!

Just wondering, what makes someone look at a price tag like that, for a vacuum of all things, and complete purchase 24 seconds later? They must be millionaires.

My buddy has this vac…This thing is freggin awsome!! Even though its a refurb what really can go wrong with a vac?

Have DC17 and its absolutely awesome. If you have allergies this will definitely help… I recomment 100%+

I’m going to buy one. I am creating an exhibit to the stupidity of the American Consumer, and I want to put this vacuum next to seven $40 dollar Dirt Devils purchased at Wally World. Jeeeze.

If only the people at Dyson did run Woot, they would develop better servers.

Dyson is much better than Hoover. Kind of like comparing a ferrari to a pinto.

This along with your handy dandy Rombas and Scubas you’ll have the cleanest house in your address

Is Dysen as good as hover? I need some like these for my home. These seems like deal for prise. Thanks for tip!

I assume you mean DysOn and Hoover, and hopefully priCe. And “These seems like deal”???

Anyway, yeah dyson is the best brand buy it if you’re a housewife or slave or whoever cleans things.

We bought one of the first dysons a few years back when it was available in our area. Best vacuum ever… i don’t care about the cons on bagless… that’s why you don’t empty it in your house. I can’t wait to get a 2nd one. i just w00t’d :slight_smile: I am a clean freak and the wife loves our old Dyson. We are in a two story house.

honestly… we have the other Dyson model with the ball… and it is sooo worth the money. it has so much suction power and is really good for stuborn dog hair that sticks to the carpet or anything that might be hard for another vacuum to completely suck up. Dysons are well worth the money… very good quality.

I bought the Dyson DC15 Ball Animal…(the purple one) for 600 bucks retail. Man, it gets everything, and kicks ass. Go for the Ball, its easier to manuver than the regular version. Filters on these unit’s never have to be worried about (maybe once a year) and its uber easy to dump the crap out of the canister as it detatches. Had a “Eureka” before the dyson, with a new house and new carpet. Killed the Eureka in 3 days. Dyson is still going strong!

The DC 14 is “The Ball” (Yellow)
The DC 15 is “The Animal” (Purple.)

Which one is it?

Then you’ve read wrong. There is nothing that can touch them and this is a great price. I have a clone of it (the Hoover Mach 5) and it does an unbelievable job. The Dyson will be more durable though. If you’re going by consumer reports, they’re idiots. Have you ever checked their findings on anything you really know about and found them to be completely wrong. About the only thing I trust is their car reviews.

I’ll never understand the big hype on these. They are decent vacuums, but whenever I look at any review lineups there are always at least some other brands/models that beat out Dyson. Usually at lower prices.

But… this is a good price on a vacuum that works very well. I’ve also heard good things about Dyson customer service. Why do they continue to make them look so darned ugly though?