Dyson DC17 All-Floor Vacuum

Curious… on the page you can view after the product is sold out what does Woot Revenues Mean?

… i think i can work on my homework now… :slight_smile:

I bought one of these during the last woot-off… LOVE IT!!!

Alright!!! What I’ve waiting all day for!

ok, now something that sucks.

Airwatts my ass.

I’ve got this thing… It’s awesome… But you probably already knew that…

Ok, where are the Bowels Of Cromwell!

Fark meh!

Another Dyson… Though great vac’s

I want a box of condoms or some great electronic device…

Here we go again…or not.

just what i need another usb powered device

Wait for it . . .

Where are the robotic gutter cleaners?!?!?!?!?

I wonder if it would suck my ear right off – oh… crap. That would be Tyson. My bad.


There’s the Dyson… Sansa 260 must be up next!

this sucks

I want a Dyson SOOOOOOO bad.


Is this like a lazy roomba that makes you push it around?

Probably over 100 of this junk, but only 11 of the dog bowls. I swear the people running woot are idiots

uh oh kids, we’re going to be here a while