Dyson DC17 All-Floor Vacuum

I’d gopher it if I didn’t already have a bagless sucker. Great price.

Wheres my wife when I need her?

Looks like a real dragger - maybe I can go run those errands after all.

That was almost a legit “That’s what she said.”

payed $550 for this at Target probalbly no longer than a month ago… sweet


fucking thing sucks

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I posted this at the end of the other Woot - but it changed to the next one so I wasn’t sure if you saw it. Welcome to Woot

I guess this isn’t going to last as long as I thought.

I used mine all the time until I bought a Rainbow vacuum. Dyson doesn’t even compare…

I already have a Dyson (the one at work came from woot, even) so no go for me.

I really wanted the dog bowls but I wasn’t fast enough. :frowning:

Probably ad revenue? Maybe? I don’t effing know… just guessing…

I thought these were supposed to be the vaccuum to end all vaccuums. They must not be very durable because I keep seeing refurbished ones here all the time.

now we get to find out which states are the dirtiest

This vacuum rocks! I use one every couple of days with 3 cats. No issue, except for having a full litter box daily!

Didn’t Woot used to offer SquareTrade warranties available at purchase? Do they still offer that option?

Intrested in purchasing the Dyson, hence why I’m asking.

And just how many have you participated in since Dec 22, 2008? :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t they do this earlier…the same item should not appear twice in 1 woot-off

hmmm…should only have a few! Grab them while they’re hot

And here it is.

Thank you very much.

Golf clap please . . .