Dyson DC17 Animal Vacuum

I’m super annoyed by this! I just bought this vacuum two days ago on the extended sale for $40 higher…argh!

The one you bought the other day should have a bunch more tools with it, like the pet hair mini turbine.

Although someone reported it didn’t come with any exta tools. Woot told them to contact Dyson who told them they were SOL. I was about to jump on this until I saw it didn’t come with most of the accessories.

I think this will be here for a while so it is a great time to go fix breakfast.

I also bought this a few days ago for $40 more, it didn’t come with any more tools. Is there a number I can call and get a rebate for the difference? I feel like I was screwed.

There’s one thing you need to know about this vacuum. It really SUCKS! Literally! In for one.

Yeah I def do too, I haven’t received mine yet to know what tools will actually come with it. I don’t remember reading it came with extra tools like someone above replied to me.

Hope you’re right, but I don’t remember reading it came with anything extra. I don’t really use the extra tools anyway, so that’s not a deal breaker. I’d like my extra $40 back though!

I checked, I paid $229.00, so it was only $29.00 more, but still - that’s half a tank of gas! I feel like, if anything, we should get the BETTER deal for being pro-active and purchasing it when it was posted.

I’m holding out for the DC35, c-mon DC35!

Here are the specs from the Woot Plus deal where you bought for $229:

Patented cyclone technology: Patented cyclone technology
Suction power (Air Watts – constant): 220AW
Movement type: Fixed wheel
Filter: Lifetime HEPA
Brushbar control type: Fingertip brush control
Cleaner head/Floor tool: Motorized brushbar
Stair cleaning: Quick-draw Telescope Reach wand
Bin capacity: 0.63 gallons

Mini Turbine Head
Low Reach Floor tool
Stair tool
Brush tool
Crevice tool

Maximum reach: 51 ft.
Cord length: 35 ft.
Weight: 20.79 lbs.

In the box:

(1) Dyson DC17 Animal Upright Vacuum
(1) Mini-Turbine Head
(1) Low Floor Reach Tool
(1) Stair Tool
(1) Brush Tool
(1) Crevice Tool **

The mini turbine head is the one that is pricy. But now 3 people have reported not receiving any accessories. Check the comments on that deal per the link above.

I just checked - it was suppose to come with accessories, but mine did not come with accessories either :(.

Jumped on this deal for our daughter…who has been wanting a Dyson but couldn’t afford a new one. We bought a refurb from Woot two years ago and LOVE IT!!! It camr with all the accessories but we have never used them. Would hate to have paid for something then not get it though…

for what it is worth, i have two mini-turbine heads, one came with the car kit and the other with the animal kit. neither works all that fantastically, since the suction is what rotates the turbine I’ve found that as soon as I apply pressure to what I’m cleaning it stops the turbine.

the low reach floor tool is probably the one nice thing of the bunch that is outside the standard items (brush, stair, etc).

I’ve a wooted DC28 refurb and while it cleans the middle of the floor just fine, I’d never buy it or this similarly-designed model again. Take a look at the front of the machine - it is too big to fit under a toe kick on a base cabinet. Ya gotta take out an attachment to get under it. Whoever designed this thing is a moron. Frankly, I’d sell any one of you my higher model at this price just to remove this weekly annoyance from my life.

Thanks for that info, I was assuming (or maybe hoping) the Dyson mini turbine would be better than ones that come with other vacuums but yours sounds exactly like the one that came with my Dirt Devil.

If you really want an extra vacuum that destroys pet hair on furniture / mattresses, I have this and it is awesome http://www.amazon.com/BISSELL-Eraser-Handheld-Vacuum-33A1/dp/B001EYFQ28/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1351085759&sr=8-1&keywords=pet+hair+eraser (looks like there is a new model of it but that’s the one I have)

I have the DC33 Multi Floor (half price on Woot nonetheless), which is very similar to this one. It’s a great all-around vacuum, but the thing I don’t really like about Dysons is the detachable wand. While it is a very long reach, it’s very annoying to use in the downward direction, such as on a floor. If you use your attachments a lot, consider this before you buy it.

Agree. The rigidness of the attachment setup (primarily the hose) is problematic.

Contact service@woot.com about it, given you’re not the only one with the problem I’m sure they’ll do something about it. Point out on the comments of the Woot Plus deal someone said Dyson is not sending out missing parts (or try contacting Dyson to see if you have better luck).

Well eff-it, I decided to go in for it. I was wanting the one from the plus deal but didn’t do it because people weren’t receiving the attachments. This one is a bit cheaper and fewer attachments promised. Hoping this helps with the the cat hair debacle in my small apartment. Here is a link to the Dyson flat out reach tool on Amazon for $30 http://www.amazon.com/Dyson-Flatout-Head-Tool/dp/B002SYJO80/ref=sr_1_1?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1351086525&sr=1-1&keywords=dyson+low+reach . If it turns out that really is the only attachment that is worth it, then it adds up to the cost of the Plus deal anyways.

Hey all. We are aware of the pricing issue. Those of you that bought it during the Plus event will be getting an email from Customer Service that will make it all better.

Also, we are contacting Dyson on the issue of the tools from the Plus sale.