Dyson DC17 - Refurbished

DC 17…
Is that a turbo prop or jet?

How will this be shipped? Do you need to ship to a street address, or can you ship to a PO Box for postal hold?

Sorry, I don’t have that information. You might go with the PO Box if that’s your preferred method. I believe customer service will contact you if they can’t ship to that. Plus, we usually put a note in there if we can’t do PO Boxes.

Cool. Thanks!

November 24, 2010: $359.99 NEW vs. $229.99 refurb tonight: 169 comments


via support page:

To borrow from Nightghost and jessiebyrd004

DC17 parts

alatest score 68:

expotv review:

Via falls vacuum:

DC25 vs. DC17:

and a few more videos:
Cleaning cyclone tubes in cannister:


HSN’s 23 minute video:

you get the idea.


Is this the DC17 Animal or the regular all service?

How does this compare to the DC 33?
Is this a good deal?

Only 6 month warranty? Dang Dyson! That’s all you can give us?

please can anyone tell me if this is a good deal?

Any good source to compare Dyson models? I’ve got a reasonably large house with three shedding cats and the time has come to replace our old dying vacuum.

Also, doesn’t do me any good but if you’ve got a Fry’s near you, they’ve got what I think is the same model for $199.99

I worry about Ernie. I worry about his state of mind.


I think he needs a hug. (>;;)>