Dyson DC18 Slim All-Floor Vacuum

[Froogle](Dyson - Google Shopping DC18)

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cr ap

Yay! A Dyson!!


Does it work with a Mac?



This woot S U C K S!!!



No VAccum! my apartment is clean!

Nice vacuum. Quite expensive. Yet again I have no need.

I heard this vacuum sucks.

wow… it really vacuums! O.o don’t know how to handle the truefullness!

mother of Gandi…enough!

As per the ad, dysons never stop sucking.

only if you bought the power converter and ipod touch. otherwise, no.

hope they only selling one.

is this a reffurrb-off

Can I run this off of my Black & Decker CP120B 20-Watt Power Backup Battery Pack? (I have several)