Dyson DC21 Stowaway Canister Vacuum

heh yeah!

Not sure what you “get” or why you think my wife loves this but…

Does great. Easy to use the bare floor tool and easy to get underneath things too.

Not to be turning this into a Kirby ad, but when I was 4, I remember a Kirby salesman had come to my family’s house and gave a demonstration. My mom bought one. It lasted close to 20 years before my mom decided to buy a new lighter vacuum. *Note: the Kirby wasn’t broken, my mom just got tired of lugging it around.

I’m thinking Dyson is resupplying faster than we are buying.

I have this vacuum, cost twice as much. Great machine, over two years old and hasn’t lost any suction at all, well worth the price. Plus you can strap it on your back and pretend you’re a ghost buster.

Mr/Mrs “I have never bought anything on woot” is telling people to take one for the team?

I question why someone bought 3.

tired of reading talk about vacuums now.

want to see other stuff

I need

I don’t know about this particual dyson but I have owned a dc15 animal for 2 years and love it. Just so you put it in perspective, I am sucker (haha) for vacuums. I have owned a majestick, Kirby, and Oreck. None of them would work on the carpet I had but the Dyson does.


Quality Post, Bob!!

In for 2!

I love my Dyson, and will be happy to add one to our household for the upstairs. Grabbed the second one because I’m greedy!

Who cares? Concentrate on electronics please. No more knives; vacuum cleaners; etc. Boring.

I thought about it- One for my mother, one for my sister, and one for my wife. How great would that be for christmas???

But then I looked at my wallet and realized I can’t spend $220 on everyone for christmas.

So now I’m going down to the dollar store instead.

Mixed reviews on Amazon

woot off murderor today

the canister is my favorite feature. i don’t have an issue dumping mine, because i do it right in the trash can outside. it does create a lot of dust, because the dyson kicks butt. all you do is press a button and the bottom falls out to empty.

Hasn’t lost any suction? Then your not doing it right!

Haven’t seen one digital camera in 3 days now, wth?!

will it work with my mac??