Dyson DC22 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum

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Dyson DC22 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum [New] - $399.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Dyson DC22 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum

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wow that really sucks!

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Dyson DC22 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum
$399.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • 1 Dyson DC22 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum

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Overpriced Vacuum Cleaner



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I hope there aren’t a lot of these, or we could be here a while…

No whimsy?

didn’t these take forever on the last wootoff, put them in a BOC, everyone that wanted one bought it last time

429 on Amazon

If the do it kinda of kills the woot off


429 on Amazon

Now if Dyson made a Roomba, I’d be all over it.

BTW, where are the Roombas??!!!

it’s more expensive on Amazon, though! Buy 3, guys! Buy 3!


This is a slow painful death for a woot off to have.

Not to destroy the woot!off or anything here, but I got a Dyson from a friend a while ago similar to this one and I really did not like it. They are difficult to store (they are a weird shape) and difficult to maneuver. Dyson has a good name, but I’ll stick with my upright off-brand vaccuum.

These are great! Whenever I use my vacuum cleaner, I get the sensation of being sucked into an interstellar wormhole, all the while planning ways to raise a Hindu child as a Muslim, while powerwashing my Mac.

That looks like it has the capacity to clean a whole doormat!