Dyson DC22 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum


This one’s for suckers! :smiley:

This sucks.


If you need a good vacuum go with Dyson.

They rock, and the service on the manufacturer’s warranty from Dyson is also amazing if you ever need it.

This woot sucks.

Costco price is comparable I believe.

Please tell me there is only one of them. Not like 100.

I guess Woot read the posts requesting Roomba’s and put this up as a sick joke? :slight_smile:

Why do you forsake me Woot!?

Woot, you drove me to this! I wooted until four and accidentally slept until one thirty. o.O

Sigh…this woot off sucks as much as this vaccum

wants a roomba so that she can scare her cats wtihout having to stand up or put in effort

ahhhhh! see you all in one hour

She’s gone from suck to blow!!!

Wow, a whole 40 bucks off… Hey, have there been any tvs in this woot off yet?

This vacuum is so powerful that the turbinehead can spin faster than the speed of light, at which time the operator is moved some time into the future.

I read online this vacuum traveled back in time to save John Connor but wound up here instead.

Drooling on my hardwood floors.