Dyson DC22 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum


OK, I can understand why someone might take a chance on a $14.99 radar detector, but I can’t see why someone would spend this much on a vacuum cleaner. Mine cost $39.00 from Walmart and it works fine.


Retails on Amazon for $439-539
(Has Reviews)

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previous suckers 8)


What about the older “Ragehead” model?

ha ha!

Sucks less than the radar detector

Does anyone know how well these actually work on hard wood floors? My house has about 10 square feet of carpet throughout it, and the last vacuum we bought didn’t work at all on the flooring.

I have an refurbished upright that I bought on Woot a year or more ago, and I love it. It’s very effective, easy to empty and clean and light weight.

Woot, your killing me hear. Can you atleast put some more stuff that will sell. A vacuum doesnt cut it.

Good god… seriously?

TURBINEHEAD vacuum? Wtf am I a housekeeper?

That’s lunch!

does this work on roaches?

Woot is the PERFECT place to buy a gift for someone if you don’t plan on seeing them ever again.

1 42" Vizio HD. Don’t really remember the details. I think I was asleep during it.

AHHH! I’m going home!


My wife loves hers - terrific on dog hair (and we have this and the DC23).

quick go to WineWoot, they’re selling BONGS!!

Anyone remember how much this was last time it was on Woot?