Dyson DC22 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum

This is a good time to take a shower as many of you are becoming a bit rank. I’m just saying.

Yeah, there was a Vizio 42" 1080p, I believe.

I wooted til five and woke up at 1. I’m going to pretend i’m working now… but the woot-off will always be my go-to tab when no one’s looking…

I’ll let anyone use my coupon code – if someone would just buy this thing!

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and TestFreaks

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Time to eat a bowl of cereal.

Here’s the sucker, in action!

this is an odd looking Roomba

The first person is in for 3 OF THEM??? Smells like a stolen credit card transaction to me!

yes, http://www.mywoot.net/past/
Vizio 42’ 1080p


I love my Dyson DC25. So if I hadn’t already wooted it, I would be in for one.

at this time theres only 1 dude who decided that he needed 3 vacuums today. godspeed dude who just dropped a G on these.

we’re gonna be here awhile, its been a bad woot-off. I got 4.5 hours of sleep thanks to the woot-off, and the woot-God has given me nothing in return for my dedication…sigh

Yeah…and you can return it when it dies…even if it takes a few years. No dealing with Dyson customer service or “out of warranty” responses. Love Costco!

I’m in for three, got lots of junk to suck up! Just kidding, I disdain cleanliness!

haha I’m really debating getting that.

I wonder how good it will make my $3 bottles of wine taste though…

Approximately 421 vacuums left to go…

I just bought a Dyson from Kohls, and with my 30% sale coupon only paid $223. WIN! :smiley:

hahhaha who would buy 3 of them?

Vacuums. :frowning: You either buy a $20-$40 one which doesn’t work, or buy a functional one that could pay one month’s rent in some cities.

1 person bought 3 and there is 99.3% left??? Does that mean there are 428 of these before we get another item??? I sure as hell hope not!