Dyson DC22 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum

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$499 best on pricegrabber


16 lbs for a canister vacuum seems heavy.
and $319.99 also seems a bit steep.

They have unique patented “whirlwind” technology. If you look after them, no other vacuum cleans as consistently well, even as it fills up with dust. It is a new scientific invention… the guy on TV is for real!

Product website:


Edit: this is for the DC23, can’t find DC22 yet. Main website regardless:


oh, well woot didn’t tell me that some guy on tv says it’s a new scientific invention!

this was just available as a moofi deal for $329.99

Week long review at BBG

another review at Craving Tech

and TestFreaks

support page

YouTube video

Here’s a post from a previous Woot about DC22 vs. DC23:

ive been looking for a durable vacuum that cleans well. im on the fence about this one guys. anyone??


Review = 9.1/10 at:

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Another of the YouTube videos:

from the search:


Get It I love my DYSON! Makes you feel bad if you use it after your old machine.

Anybody have experience with this and pet hair? I have a 150 lb Newfoundland that sheds unreal amounts of hair. Will I burn this out in six months? Will it even get the hair out of the carpet?

Download the manual here

Pretty sure you can. They also sell animal versions (eg. dc23 animal on amazon, dc22 animal on uk site) which are exactly the same, except 1/3 smaller. Logically, a full-size one will work perfectly well too.

Alterntively, you could buy an allergy kit also if you want to protect allergic types.