Dyson DC23 Canister Vacuum

is it any good?

This vacuum sucks! I mean it sucks everything up really well. Best vacuum ever own. Worth every penny.

There’s an elephant In that thumbnail I said when this was for sale 2 months ago.

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My wife and I bought one of these on sale at Costco. We absolutely love it. The power is amazing, and the attachments are excellent for what we use it for. We are students, and renting a townhouse, so we don’t have any of the 20-foot ceilings or anything like that, but it does our hard and carpeted floors very well, and if we had the need, the extension probably reaches a good 6 feet when fully extended. In a nut shell - it is an awesome vacuum and well worth the price if you are looking for a good all-around everyday vacuum.

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Or it could be this.

I have this vacuum… and I have to say it definitely DOES improve air quality from pet hair for those that are sensitive or allergic to your lovely little balls of scratchy eyes & sneezes.

My cousin is allergic to dogs so anytime she’d come in the house something would immediately trigger her sneezing fits and red eyes. But after we started using this that was a thing of the past. I especially love the ease of doing the stairs with this. Super easy.

My only downside is the canister could be larger! After all, dogs have A LOT of fur… or at least my long-haired golden retrievers do!

How is the quality of the refurb?

We just got our DC14 that we ordered off Woot! a week or so ago, and I have to say I was completely disgusted by what was in my carpets! With the caveat that this isn’t the same vacuum I’ve experienced, I fully support getting one if you’ve been on the fence the past 50 times they showed up. =P

Ours came out of the box looking brand new, and sucking like it was too. Can’t speak to the longevity of the product yet, but it seems to be working amazingly.

can i suck liquid with this? i assume it can since it goes thru no bags, filters or motors…just centrifugal force, which would spin the water back.

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You, sir, drive a hard bargain.

Sorry, but no. In the included instructional manual it clearly states that you should never suck up liquids due to the hoses having electrical connections.

A DC-23?
No thanks, I clean my house with a DC-10…

the hose has electrical connections? i didnt think it have any, that is why it has a wind powered beater brush.

This model is for those of us who like houses on firm foundations with walls that haven’t been blasted 2 zipcodes away…

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Well, I personally haven’t taken it apart and looked that closely at my hoses… but if the manual says it… I’m not going to argue with it. It’s safer to just say ‘no’ than to do it and void any hope of getting it replaced.

Congratulations on strong-arming your way into your first QuaPo. Good Work!

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Is this the vacuum that was so strong it bit a man’s ear off? I’m sorry, that was the Tyson!!

Seriously, I own a Roomba and a woot-Euro-Pro-Shark Navigator bagless upright thingy (a year and a half old refurb that works wonderfully), and we hate the act of vacuuming, would there be any advantage to owning this one too?