Dyson DC23 Canister Vacuum

I bought my Dyson upright as a reburb about 7 years ago and it still works great. Better than any other brand I have had in the past.

If only it pushed itself! I have had this unit for 1 year now. I can quickly spot vacuum all of our hardwood floors and runners. The wall caddy/charger is the bomb! Love this vacuum and my DC24!

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I wonder if this would work better than my Dyson upright?

Half as good, but for spot cleaning and quick mess cleanup on hardwood/tile floors it is worth the money! I use it more than my DC24 upright.

Mine appeared brand new, not a sign of use. It works great. We’ve almost stopped using the ball uprights, this is handling everything.

I highly recommend it. It’s as good as all the Dyson products I’ve bought, probably the most used 1. I have it close to a year with no problems at all.

I’ve stopped using the uprights. I have 1 out on loan to a family member and the other is in a 2nd story closet. It’s lighter and easier to manipulate if thats what you mean. Not sure what you mean by extra steps. That might be a height difference.? I’m only 5’2" and we all find the cannister easier to move around. I like having both and now also have the smaller, wireless DC35 so 4 Dysons, 3 styles. :slight_smile:

Here’s a question to someone I’m thinking will know… What constitutes a Quality Post? How’s that determined (I’m sure I know by whom).

Every time I think this a baby elephant going up stairs then I click on it and realize, no it’s just THAT vacuum again. When are you ever going to offer a baby elephant woot?

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I’m tempted by this deal, but I have a single, important question. I live in an 800 sq. ft. apartment with hardwood floors. Should I buy this, or wait for something smaller? Maybe the Dyson handheld thing?

Also, hello.

We just got the next model up, the DC39. Slightly bigger cannister, small turbo brush and a coffee maker or something. I think they send a British maid once a month or something too. Anyway, great vacuum.

This is one of Dyson’s failures, I think, and I suspect this deal is not a refurb but a sell-off of a marketing failure. (Mine, too, is so perfect it didn’t look like a refurb.) In any event, the turbine is a pain if you have to change it nmoe than one per session, as you will if you have bare floors pl;us numerous throw rugs. The accessory tools are poor little things, almost useless. The hose is too short, so the thing is always riding up on your heels and the suction is just ordinary.

Woot, you’re beginning to look like Midnight box offering the same thing over and over again. So Dyson really ‘sucks’ and everyone can come to Woot every few days and find a great deal on one; find us some other great variety on things that blow, wheel or rock. I have a Kirby and then I should have closed the door when they came knocking… and I also have a Dyson that will suck forever. Please change it up and keep all these Dysons for the woot off.

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We live in a 1200 sqft townhouse with tile and wood floors. We live by the beach (sand) and have a dog (dog hair). We had a Kenmore canister before and it was really overkill. It was 10 years old and Sears/Kenmore is not what it used to be.

I got this vac the last time it was on Woot. Thought about the cordless (mmmm, cordless) but the run time is too short - they need extra batteries like my drill. Here is my take on the DC23:

For smaller homes with little or no carpet it works great. I only use the beater brush on some rugs and door mats.

Easy to work, super maneuverable and easy to store. Comparatively quiet. Yes, good suckage.

Like the bagless. Seems a bit light weight to work with but is sturdy enough. The furniture attachment works well. Easy to take apart the beater brush to clear out hair (we are long hairs).

My biggest issue is that the only standard floor attachment is the one with the beater bush. It is tall so you can’t use it under some furniture.

So, very Euro/spartan, and fine for smaller places with little or no carpet.


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TT - You can see into the future!!

So if I put these 2 in a room together who would win? Would the vacuum suck harder or the fan blow harder? Feel free to vote:



In my case I live in a small (700 sq ft) apartment with mostly carpet and laminate floors only in the kitchen and bathroom. Would I be better off with something like the dc24?

I didn’t buy this model(think mine was DC24), but I bought a refurb a few weeks ago, and mine looked brand new, also.

I never buy the warranties for anything I purchase, but if I buy something and it doesn’t work…I just don’t buy that brand anymore. I must say, I learned to read the reviews on here and they have helped me to decide on some of the things I purchase.

To the Woot God’s and Goddesses…I hope those who do have quality posts are receiving a reward of some type for the help and knowledge they give to me and others. More sites should have this(ex. Monoprice)to help consumers who don’t know what they need.

Is Woot! the official outlet for Dyson vacuums? Man I get tired as wasting my time checking out Woot! only to find another of these miserable suckers for sale - yet again. Who cares.