Dyson DC23 Canister Vacuum

Does anyone else find Lesley Delightfully Deranged?

Oh good the elephant cleaner is back.

Here are a couple Previous Woots for your viewing pleasure.

Here is a long long video demo from HSN


[youtube=kNxXsLEZjrA][/youtube] Here is a review from vacuum wizard.

Someday, I’ll pull the trigger. But now W00t charges tax to my state, it will make it harder for me to do that.

Don’t forget about the coupon code TAXSUCKS for some money off. I think it was 5 dollars. (that’s still active right? or did that die in woot4.0 too?)

I don’t know my Dysons so I have a question. The video you posted is for a MotorHead and the one for sale here is a Turbinehead–is there any difference?

Same vacuums, different attachments. The power is still just as great.

Overall pretty good reviews at amazon

Thanxx Dann. More power is always more better.


Love this Dyson! I like how easy it is to use the hose. Other Dysons are hard to get the hose out. I have lots of dog hair and it sucks it right up. I have recommended this vaccum to friends & family! Awesome deal. I paid double this price for new.

Yeah…that worked…but tax is still more than $5. I should have used it on my prior purchase.

I see Fry’s shipping is still less than Woot’s tax - coupon. Is Fry’s the same stuff? Do one have more parts missing than the other?

Sorry Cowboy, but I think you’re mistaken. The Dyson DC23 comes in two models. The DC23 Turbinehead and the DC23 Motorhead.

Both versions of the Dyson DC23 vacuums are canister cleaners with “Level 3 Root Cyclone technology.” HOWEVER, the Turbinehead model has a “turbine” head for multi-purpose cleaning, whereas the Motorhead has a motorized brush bar to help remove dirt and pet hair from carpets.

The “Motorhead” version would be the one for folks who want a serious carpet cleaning tool.

Heh, that’s pretty much what I meant by different attachments and the vacuum having the same suction. Sorry for the confusion, That’s also why I came back with more videos to showcase the turbinehead.

Also, This comes in three varieties, Animal is the 3rd one.

Got this a couple of woot-offs ago and it works great! The turbine heads strong suction gets up all the cat fur from the carpets and couch. The telescoping handle is great too for getting way in under the beds.

FWIW, Fry’s says it’s “Available for Back Order”.

I regret buying this. It’s a poor design. Clumsy to use. The turbine head sucks–you have to stop working, pick up the had, pull out the turbine thing, and then start vacuuming carpet. Then when you hit a hard floor, you have to reverse the process. This is the 3rd Woot for this loser, which means the can’t get rid of them. They should be buried in the desert, like Apple’s Lisa.

I bought this when we installed hard wood floors and it works very well on them and the stairs. Worth the price. I own another dyson wished I bought that as a refurb and saved some $.

Ok, I’ve been looking for a Dyson for awhile now but not sure which model would be best for my family. We have 2 dogs, a 2yr old son (allergies) and mostly hardwood floors with some area rugs. I was hoping woot would be selling a animal but haven’t seen that. Suggestions welcome!

How is this thing on hard floors? I hate my vacuum because it spits out crap behind, pelting my feet sometimes, even on carpet but certainly on hard floors. Does this actually suck up all the dirt or throw some around?

It says you have 10-24 woots. Oh wait the the vacuum is the loser. Heh, so I guess by your theory Every dyson is terrible because woot has had them for sale 3-100 times. Okay, makes sense.

I’m pretty sure the dysons ship from Dyson nowadays, so I don’t think woot even stocks these anymore. I could be wrong though.

How is this vacum on ceramic tile floors? (any one with personal experience?)