Dyson DC23 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum

The turbine head is powered by the air that is getting sucked through the hose. I much prefer the power head, which is powered by its own dedicated electric motor. Alas, those add $$$ to the cost.

I’ve never understood the purpose of these types of vacuums. Wouldn’t it just be easier to use an upright, instead of having to drag the canister around?

Turbine power, wow!

$199.99 refurbished here.
$399.99 new at product website:


Support page:

including manual:

Amazon $318 new, 4 stars, 86 reviews, but some recent ones really bad:

I watched this youtube video Let me save a minute of your life.

This guy seems like he is the vacuum king and the only advantage he could come up with was having all your tools in one place saves you the time you would spend going back to your utility closet

Generally speaking, upright vacuums are better for folks who have mostly carpet and rugs to clean, while cannister vacuums are better for hard floors, stairs, and various odd places. HOWEVER, that general distinction applies best to upright vacuums that have good quality, powered beater bars or rotating brush thingamagigs, and cannister vacuums that have floor tools designed for hardwood floors. This particular vacuum is an oddity because it doesn’t have either a good quality carpet tool or a good hardwood floor brush tool.

I want the Momeni 8x11 wool rugs to come back… :frowning:

MUCH less effort to move a canister around, usually reaches under furniture better, cleaning up and down stairs, etc, etc. Uprights are great for big open spaces, canisters are better at almost everything else.

Never have I ever appreciated such an accurate description of the difference between upright v cannister vaccums. Thanks always wondered that.


I was actually impressed.

Ahh yes. Woot. It’s the elephant graveyard for refurbished Dyson vaccums.

Guess what the next woot site will be?


LOL I worked at a RUG company for about 85 days 3 years ago… i know those rugs very well… I flipped and hung those for dayyys…

The worst thing about working in a rug shop is you flip rugs all day, and then you go home and dream about flipping rugs all night.

Worst. Dyson. Ever. I’ve owned three (DC17, DC24, and the canister style) I resold the canister one. Hated every minute of it.

Bought one of these last year at full price and love it! Our house is 3100 square feet of hardwood and tile, so this is perfect for us. We also have a long-haired cat and dog, and the DC23 works great on the hair. Cleaning the stairs is super easy with the telescoping handle and attachments. Also a plus is the cord length, I can use one outlet to clean the each floor, I know it sounds like a small thing, but it sure beats having to switch outlets in the middle. Overall I would definitely buy another one, especially at this price!

Older people find it easier to pull the canister around instead of pushing an upright. My Granny can’t push and upright anymore, she does not have the strength but the canister is lighter and she can drag it.

this morning I received an email from Amazon.com stating:

“Hey, we noticed you looking at vacuums on Amazon.com and thought you might be interested in today’s Home.Woot deal”

customized marketing from Amazon & Woot, who would have ever expected that?!

I’d love to have one at this price. But the refurbished is a matter of luck. I hate going through the hassle if something wrong with the stuff, especially when it’s heavy (shipping cost if returned). Wow. Still so tempting. Does it work on hardwood floor?

BTW, it doesn’t show the series. I don’t know which is it in amazon?
Series: ASIN: B002NVRPM0
Item model number: 18299-01

and: http://www.amazon.com/Dyson-DC23-Turbinehead-Vacuum-Cleaner/dp/B003MQCJRG

Anyone know this? The pictures look the same.