Dyson DC24 All-Floors Vacuum

Roomba still works fine… night night

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It’s entirely possible that before too many more years pass, every person on the planet will have purchased a vacuum from Woot!
Dyson has excellent engineering and excellent marketing… I use my Dyson to fluff up the carpet before I actually vacuum it with a huge 30 year old Electrolux that actually works well. Perhaps the new Dysons are better than the one we have :slight_smile:

Almost the same, probably close enough.

Edit: to clarify, the previous woot is for the Blueprint Limited Edition.

Honestly… Why don’t we just have a WOOT page devoted to nothing but vacuum cleaners?

A reviewof a DC25, should be useful.

I’ve got a DC24. My only complaints are that the cord is a little short and after a year and a half, I’ve had to replace the brush bar. Other than that, it’s been great and works really well.

I think Tegeril’s comment on the difference between the different editions is accurate, not entiredly sure, from the Blueprint Limited Edition woot:


Excellent vacuum. Got ours off of Woot a few months ago, and I wonder how we ever got by without it. The amount of pet hair it pulls out of the carpet is just shocking. Runs very smoothly, and the canister is super easy to empty. Overall, couldn’t be more pleased with this unit. Highly recommended.

Here’s a video review.

Yes. Thanks!

Goes for $399 new on Amazon, and gets three and a half stars with lots of reviews.

(216 customer reviews) ]

Product website

What’s the difference between this and the DC25?

$399.99 new at Amazon:



Product website with reviews:

Product support page:

including manual:

Edit: some of the links above found before I posted, credit due to above.

I have had this vacuum for about two years, and honestly, it is junk. I would never recommend this thing, in the time we have had it, the plastic pieces are wearing out quickly, the peddle to fold the Dyson to operation mode is very flimsy, and the cap to attach the hose has come off.

The cord is way too short and the suction on this thing is pathetic. It tends to push the stuff on our hardwood floors more than pick it up. It does work on rugs just fine, as long as the pile is not too high, if it is, the thing just turns off the brushes (for safety) and the suction is so weak it doesn’t do anything. I have heard better things about other models, but honestly I wish I just bought a Miele and called it a day.

This is smaller, less suction shorter cord, and all around crappier.

FYI, rumors have been flying around for years that using Dyson vacuums will void your carpet’s warranty. Apparently, the beater brushes are extra rough on the fibers. Only one or two companies specifically forbids Dyson in their warranty, i.e. Unique Carpets LTD, but many carpet sellers and cleaners tell buyers to avoid Dysons. Do a Google search on “dyson carpet void warranty.” I don’t know if this is mere rumor, but it’s something to consider.

In a sidebar where they report on unusual items or features, Consumer Reports called the ball mechanism a gimmick. It’s not that it didn’t work, but rather, many cheaper and better performing vacuums were just as maneuverable using conventional technologies. Basically, they thought that it was more form than function.