Dyson DC24 Ball All-Floors Vacuum - Red

**Item: **Dyson DC24 Ball All-Floors Vacuum - Red
Price: $199.99
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Condition: Refurbished

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We’ve owned the DC24 and DC17 for several years now. The DC24 is small and it’s the cleaner my daughter prefers. It has broken at least twice though but I must say, Dysons repair service is good. another negative; as the repair man said, Dyson’s are like toys and that’s the vacuum he had the most repairs from. They were lined up all over the shop floor. If it were 99 bucks or maybe 150, I’d say okay but not for 200. The best thing Dyson has going for it is their marketing, it’s top notch, the vacuums aren’t worth half what they are asking for them.

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General “how to clean your Dyson” video:

Well… Not sure what people are doing to their vac as I’ve had my DC24 for 4 years now and never had any problems with it. It’s survived 3 moves and still going strong.

I don’t know how yours broke, but a long time ago I worked for Best Buy in the repair area. Daily we’d send out a cart of things that needed to go to a repair facility (not marked as fixable in store in our system), and generally Dysons made up half of what we sent out.

The problem was generally just a lack of knowledge about how a vacuum needs to be treated/cleaned. The sales person would sell them as perfect and that it would never lose any suction and you’d never need to service the thing outside of emptying the canister. In reality they will lose suction and do need a good cleaning to get most/all of it back (see the video in a post above). 90% of the time we’d send out the Dysons and they’d be cleaned and sent back to the store. According to policy we were supposed to charge the customer due to it being a use issue as opposed to a real problem but because of how they were being sold, we never charged people for that. Still, it was frustrating. If you buy one of these, clean them properly once in a while and it likely won’t let you down.

I am very happy with my refurb from a woot over a year ago. I don’t think Dyson’s are actually worth the full retail price, especially since they come with almost no attachments.

I bought an accessory kit from amazon, one from O.co, and a hose extension. Those additions make this an almost perfect vacuum, for me anyway. The accessories for this vac fit the handheld versions as well.

Before getting this refurb I averaged wasting $150 every other year trying to find a satisfactory vac.

I vac much more often since this thing is so light and easy to steer. It also is very easy to store in a small footprint. My home is over 2400 sq ft and this “apartment sized” vac handles it easily. I do run a roomba as well to get under beds and furniture.

The feature to turn off the beater bars for non-carpeted areas is probably my favorite.

As to loss of suction and cleaning, I haven’t seen any problems. My hubby has an air compressor that I use to blow out all the dust/crud. Pop the bin out and remove the cyclone chamber, don a dust mask and a few blasts of air later it’s as good as new. I wash the 2 filters every month.

Being easy to maneuver and its light weight make this a great vac for folks with arthritis or strength issues. The longer I own this model the more I like it.

Lets see, the switch controlling the power to the head unit and vacuum motor broke once, the motor in the head unit failed twice and overheated on a number of occasions requiring a reset. The head unit motor is smaller than the one in my old RC cars. I doubt it is meant to run for long periods of time and this is probably why we’ve had issues. It may well be that my daughter uses it too much but for the price they ask for these things it should not break as frequently as ours has. Maybe it’s fine for apartments and small townhouses but it has not stood up well for use in our 4500 sq ft house and only about 1500 sq ft is carpeted. Likewise, I have had to unclog it on a number of occasions.

except that

I have a DC33 purchased from Woot 4 months ago. As per Dyson, I cleaned it at the three-month mark. It was incredibly dusty inside, but with twice-a-week vacuuming in a dusty house with a big dog, it works incredibly well with no problems or clogging.

Our DC17 has functioned without failure for 6 or 7 years. This is the DC24 and it is an entirely different unit. The 24 has been a problem and though my wife doesn’t like either as they require a lot of periodic maintenance (ie cleaning) I like the idea of not needing to replace bags. I have not returned either model because they required cleaning or unclogging. My point was the DC24 has broken several times. It was never returned for repair because it needed cleaning or unclogging. I’ve been an Engineer for over thirty years and currently work for Discovery. I love to take things apart and I most certainly get a chance to do so often with this unit.

I’m just providing friendly feedback, you don’t have to rake me over the coals for doing so… I’m glad it works well for others and if you buy one, I hope it works well for you too.

As I have said before, it is a vacumn it cleans ok, I got one from Woot about a year ago, there is almost a cult following of Dyson vacumn’s. Why I have yet to understand. It works ok as an upright, easy to maneuver and cleans acceptably, the hose attachment is next to useless, and the attachments themselves are a joke. Mine spends all of its time in the hall closet. I purchased the Dyson roll behind model also from Woot and it is great. Can’t remember which DC it is. I see these posts where they are almost breathless exclaiming “I vacuumed with my Dyson after having cleaned with my xx vacumn and it picked up dirt!”. To that I say “so what”. I vacuumed with xx vacumn after the Dyson and it also picked up more dirt! They work, they vacumn, the upright is way overrated as the hose and attachments suck, and not in the vacumn sense of the word.

This product really sucks …


I was about to buy this but in doing some research found a comparison chart (competitor’s site so I won’t link it)showing the different Dyson models. This model is “full size” but has a smaller brushhead, shorter hose, and less suction than some other full size Dysons.

This doesn’t mean it is a bad vacuum or deal but having bought the small canister Dyson from Woot a couple weeks back I am holding out for the large “full size” model.

This one is lighter and can get into tighter spots so if I hadn’t already bought a “compact” Dyson I’d jump on this.

In case you’re wondering I haven’t used the canister model enough to form an opinion on it yet.

Anyone ever have issues with refurb’d items from Woot? I’m a little skeptical of refurb, but could use a new vac…

I’ve had a refurbed Dyson from woot (can’t remember which model) for over a year now and it still works great. The one that i have is particularly light which is actually nice for doing a quick job and the stairs. But it is worth the price and I use mine a fair amount. As far as the refurb part of it, mine was perfect as far as i could tell. Dyson refurbs them and from my experience, does a great job with it.

Can anyone explain to me why Consumer Reports hates htis vacuum? They give it a 44 and the highest rated unit in this category gets a 70.

I bought a refurb ball about 4 years ago now from Woot (comes from Dyson) - still going strong. I have not cleaned it yet! But will…I now notice it not picking up as fantastic as initially (though it still does pick up well), but after reading reviews I realize it is time to clean - and I feel dumb for not doing it yet.
: )

I have a shedding dog and a shedding cat so I use it ALL the time.

I have a DC24 from a previous woot sale and it’s crazy how good this thing is. I’ve never enjoyed vacuuming but this thing makes it a pleasure.

The hose has great suction and it turns on a dime. It even works on the tile in our kitchen.

We have a dog that sheds quite a bit and this vacuum picks up almost all of the hair. I would recommend this to anyone who may be on the fence about it.