Dyson DC24 Blueprint Limited Edition

Love my Dyson

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Dyson DC24 Blueprint Limited Edition
$279.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Dyson DC24 Ball Upright Vacuum - Blueprint Limited Edition

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Limited edition? What does that mean?

here’s the product website for the regular DC24

and the user manual

It’s a Dyson, so obviously the reviews are great. But 4.4 star average on Buzzillions is worth reading up on. I guess.

How is this any different then the Regular dyson ball??

not helpful

“Oh, it’s just a Dyson…”

“NO! A Decepticon!”

“No… it’s a Dyson!”

“NO! A Decepticon!”

“See, look, you just push this button and y… AAAIIIEEEEEEEEEE!”

“Told you so. A Decepticon.”

Good reviews on Amazon.

And a review at Consumer Reports.

Well, it was on woot-off earlier.
Same item, same price, etc.

No, I don’t know where I am going with this.

This model is being clearanced out at target for $214 (right now at mine), and has generally poor reviews for a dyson http://www.dysonreviews.com/dyson-dc24-review/

Here is a link to the discussion from the wootoff this morning on the same item

I have two Dyson refurbs that I have purchased from Woot. You couldn’t tell them from brand new.

Dyson vacuums are great for the main suction, but are terrible if you need to use any of the accessories with the so-called hose. Just try to use this vacuum to clean carpeted stairs.

it is acutally smaller from i hear… or maybe its the color

Duh, it is limited edition.

It’s half the size and has half the suction.

try adding in [ url ] (link) [ / url ]

Without spaces, of course.

very helpful thank you, but im more in the market for a vacuum for hardwood floors and not so expensive, anyone have any ideas?

I really want a Dyson, either the DC24 or the DC25. But… I just can’t bring myself to buy this from woot. What if something indeed breaks on it - can’t return it if I’m unhappy.

I view vacuums as investments… I just can’t commit.