Dyson DC24 Multi-Floor Vacuum - 3 Colors

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Dyson DC24 Multi-Floor Vacuum - 3 Colors
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Apr 29 to Wednesday, Apr 30) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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User Reviews

TONS of very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at The O

This is a horrible vacuum for those that have pets, or if you clean often. It doesn’t stand up to wear and tear at all, and I have had to take mine to Dyson (which they are friendly and helpful) to repair several parts. The problems I have had is that the hose attachment stopped working due to the switch not clicking, the same problem happened with the canister without using the hose, and the automatic adjusting that it is supposed to do based on floor height broke. I am not a fan of the ball design. My original Dyson is over 10 years old and has not had one problem. We bought another non-ball design Dyson before they discontinued them and it still is sitting in the closet because we don’t need it yet. We got this one for the convenience - it is much lighter, so for the quick clean-ups it seemed to be a better idea, but it looks like it will be dead before it hits the two year mark. I gave it high marks initially, but at the six month mark, everything seemed to go wrong. Wonder how many people update their reviews?

Thanks Rupert. I read the specs and this has 115 “Air Watts” of suction power vs. 220 in my DC25 or 235 in the DC41. Sounds like a very light duty vacuum.

I bought one of these things new a couple of years back. Complete junk. Returned it after calling ‘support’ (turns out it was ‘operating normally’). Some Bissel 100 dollar jobbie is 5x better.

I have this, but the ‘animal’ version which includes a hand-tool. Hands down the best vac I ever owned. The bagless, easy empty container makes things easy on my allergies, and the brush cleanup takes just a few minutes (my wife sheds more than the dog, apparently) as compared to my previous Hoover, which was a project every time.

FWIW, mine was a refurb, purchased from Amazon over a year ago and still going strong with regular use.

You’re not getting under squat with the big ball

Be aware that these are NOT covered by the dyson warranty. I had an issue with the dyson (refurbished) i bought off of woot. Go figure as soon as the woot warranty (21 days) expired, part of the ball fell off. I called dyson and they said b/c it was sold thru woot and not dyson, they would not honor any warranty.

Just want others to know.

baciami20: Hey there, just wanted to let you know that we work with Dyson and they do cover the 6 month warranty. I’ve heard many good stories from wooters that have had good service from Dyson. It sounds like you got a new or uninformed rep at Dyson.

You also have an email from Woot CS asking you to contact us directly if you don’t get appropriate service from Dyson. We will either work with Dyson or you to make things right. We’ve done this with other vendors/customers.

I got one of these in the most recent woot-off for my new office building we recently rented. I can’t speak for the longevity of the machine, but after vacuuming, the mat office carpet the old building smell was much less. The canister was filled with a weird mystery hair (looked like dog hair) that was invisible to the naked eye. Considering this was only a $200 vacuum, I’m very satisfied so far.

I can also confirm the 6 month Dyson warranty. There is a big yellow card on the outside of the instructions that has a hotline to call Dyson for replacements if it breaks within 6 months.

ever wonder why there are enough refurbed Dysons for there to be a deal every other week on Woot? Is it that so many fail, or so many get returned after people realize “I just paid $300 for a vacuum?”

Usually a ton of refurbs on Amazon too but I’ve purchased two “animal” refurbs (one upright, one cordless) and the are both fantastic vacs. They must just sell a crazy number and they’re not cheap so buyers remorse?

I bought one of these last week during the WootOff. It arrived very quickly so I put it to the test. I also have an older (non-ball) Dyson Animal. The DC24 was a joke compared to that. The suction was horrible and the canister is very small. You will need to empty it very often. Save your money.

Input 110 or 220 volt ? Thanks

I could not agree more - and my Dyson bought through Woot stopped working while under the refurbished warranty - they were able to get it going again, but when the same thing happened after the warranty ended, they denied ever speaking to me and refused to honor the warranty.
I have no idea why Woot continues to sell refurbished Dyson products. The company is unethical and will not honor the warranty. BUYER BEWARE!

The new ones have a five year warranty, which you will absolutely need with this. Six months isn’t going to cut it. The parts get really expensive, but I suppose people could keep buying them off of Woot. :wink:

Another thing, the only vacuums I see at the Dyson place being worked on are the newer models like this. They only had one older model like the one I have that they were working on. It is obvious that the quality has gone down a lot.

Bought one about 2 months ago via woot to replace our former Dyson (it was bigger but can’t remember the model). Its a good vacuum. Its perfect for an apartment or an upstairs in a big house. Its not the ideal solution if you are vacuuming a large area every day.

The $199 price is a good one and if you need a smaller vacuum you won’t find a better one for the price.

I wonder, if these are all factory reconditioned, and they have enough to sell to everyone that wants one here on Woot, why would I want to buy one. It’s just going to brake apparently.