Dyson DC25 All Floors Ball Vacuum

This has nothing on my Euro Shark Navigator Pro!

Buy these vacuums… they really suck! (now I realize that woot will censor that word, just this time they shouldn’t)

edit: ooo hey, it came through!

These machines have big balls!

boo I want something fun

Dyson vacuums are fantastic, mine is by far the best vacuum I have ever owned!!

sad face… I was hoping for something that I could use. I’m a guy I don’t need a vacuum I got duct tape and rugs to through all my crumbs under

The Killa from Manilla…or china, wherever they are made…

get some breakfast, this might take a while

If you buy 2, do they talk with each other like Ferbies?

If only I had the spare cash, Dyson makes great Vacuums.

Well this sucks…

I have this vacuum and love it! BUY THREE!

Clearly you have never done a high-speed vacuum drop. Go out on the highway with a couple friends, pull up really close to anyone with their windows open all the way, and shove one of these vacuums in their car.


$339 on overstock… 4.8 star reviews…amazing!

How do they work on laminate flooring? That is all I have.

I am (not so) patiently waiting for that Shark to come up…

That would be awesome. “Sound down, please!”

Sweet deal and a great vac!!!

$378 new at Sears