Dyson DC25 All Floors Ball Vacuum

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Dyson DC25 All Floors Ball Vacuum
$249.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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woot must be feeling generous today. Usually we only get one color to choose from, and if we’re really lucky two.

Thank you woot for so many options this time!

Now here are some crazy powerful sucking balls!

walmart has new for $450, and a ROR (Random Online Retailer) has it for $380 including shipping through google shopping.

Amazon wants $480, 480 reviews, 4 stars conglomerated.

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I was just at Walmart with my girlfriend tonight and we were looking at these and I said we should wait because Woot! has them for 250 all the time.

Thanks for proving me right Woot!!

Let me get this straight…Woot! is located in St. Louis and Dallas…the Cardinals and Rangers are in the World Series…and all you have to offer us is a blanking VACUUM???

I was hoping for a screaming flying rally squirrel…

This sucks!


Queue the “this woot sucks” comments!

Seriously though… Dyson is the Bose of the vacuum cleaner world. It is all marketing but when put head to head with others they never come out ahead.

I know it sounds old school, but if you are concerned about air quality and want the cleanest air possible you really have to go with a bag style vac. Miele makes some amazing ones and they have been rated number one in head to head tests. Granted you have to pay a premium for them.

If you want something a bit less expensive, both Hoover and Kenmore make vacs that perform better than the Dyson for the same or less money.

I’m not saying Dyson makes a bad vacuum by any means, but they just aren’t incredible. For $250 this isn’t a bad deal, but keep in mind it is a refurb. You could spend that same money on a new model of another vac and probably get a longer warranty.

Don’t buy into the hype. James Dyson is a marketing genius, but his vacuums aren’t anything special. They are just vacuums.

Oh yea and before some Dyson owner responds to accuse me of never having used a Dyson I can assure you that is incorrect. I also do not work for a competitor. As to what I personally own… well when I bought my house it came with a central vac system by Nutone, so that is what I currently use. Previously I had a cheap Hoover and before that I had a expensive Electrolux. They all worked fine but the central vac has more power than anything around (which stands to reason considering the size of the motors), so I’m happy with it.

Reading today’s description brought something to light I never knew before… the motor is IN the ball.

I never really thought about it… but assumed that it was near the cylinder or something… not IN the ball.

So I googled this to check it out…

http://www.dyson.com/vacuums/ball/ has the info on that and other nifty things about their suckers.

Now I see further why they are so cool… the ball doesn’t just aim the vacuum toward the crumbs on the floor, it provides the push to get there and the suck to bring it up.

Amazing technology. Now, time for bed… it fried my brains.

I bought my wife a refurb off of Ebay and it works great. This thing outshines our old Eureka. The whole thing (not just the ball and suction power) was engineered with the consumer in mind. Very convenient. Actually cleans the carpet.

Great post, thanks!

I bought this a while back from Kohl’s for about $375 but ended up returning it. I can attest to your comments; in terms of cleaning power, the Dyson didn’t perform any better than a fairly old Kenmore. What I did like about the Dyson though is the engineering genius of how all the parts came together and how easy it was to use.

Sorry, Costner, but obviously you had a bad unit. I’ve had a new Rainbow, Kirby, Electrolux, and on and on, etc., etc., and NOTHING works like a Dyson. I’ve heard good things about the Miele, but ‘pricey’ is quite the understatement. If I were going to spend that much, I’d get a Dyson for each floor :0)

With a houseful of dogs, I need a great vacuum, and the Dyson is it, hands down.

Square Trade offers a very good deal on an extended warranty, btw. Pretty sure this purchase would qualify (forgot to check the description).

Great deal, buy three!

I do think Dyson gets points for style and convenience, but I tend to think their engineering ends there. The fact is, they brag about engineering things that have existed for decades.

They brag about cyclonic technology… something other vacuums have had in the past. I know Fantom had it, but woodworkers have used cyclonic dust collection systems for years before anyone had heard of James Dyson.

Dyson also brags about the ball and in his commercial talks about vacuums with two fixed axles, but what vacuum has two fixed axles? Some have four wheels, but none of the wheels are linked and if it does have four wheels those on the front are used for carpet height adjuments and spin freely. If the ball was really so innovative and so spectacular - why does Dyson still make so many vacuums with wheels?

One negative about the ball is the hard plastic material used for it. If someone has a lot of hard surfaces in their home like wood floors… a hard plastic ball could result in some scratches. Hard plastic wheels can too of course, but the surface area of two small wheels would generally be smaller.

Of course, what Dyson doesn’t tell you is what happens if a clutch fails. I challenge anyone looking at Dyson to visit a vacuum repair shop or two and ask them how many Dysons they have in for repair on the clutch assembly. Whereas a lot of vacs use a simple belt that costs a few bucks to replace, Dyson uses a clutch system with a couple of belts and can cost over $100 to replace.

Actually visiting a vacuum repair store is probably a good idea for any brand. Those guys know what comes in to them and what doesn’t, and they know what features to look for in a good vacuum.

With a new unit and a five year warranty the whole clutch thing probably isn’t a huge deal. With a refurb it surely could be.

And don’t even get me started on the “lifetime HEPA filter” claims. That is utter hogwash and if anyone actually suffers from allergies or asthma they should avoid a bagless vac no matter what brand it is.

I love my DC27 Animal, I would recommend a Dyson to anyone. I wouldnt trade it for any other vacuum, just remember to clean out the filter every once in a while.

I bought the DC24 when it was on Woot and loved it. My father has been wanting the larger model ever since using mine and now he will have it. Can’t pass up a deal like this.

It isn’t just me though. Check the performance in Consumer Reports. The simple fact is, Dyson does not perform any better than many other brands out there… yet they can cost twice as much. I have a few friends that bought them when they were becoming the “in brand”. A few years later after the buyers glow has faded they are the first to admit they are just a vacuum.

As far as Miele, you can get a fully loaded S7 for around $550. That is the same price as a new (full size) Dyson. However only one of those vacuums will give you totally clean air when measured on a partical counter and only one was rated at the top of the list by Consumer Reports (hint… it wasn’t a Dyson).

Again I’m not saying Dyson is bad. I’m just saying they aren’t worth full retail price because much of what you are paying for is the marketing and name.

As far as buying an extended warranty… why should someone have to do that? The law of averages tells us buying warranties is a losing proposition, so if we really need one the product probably isn’t worth purchasing in the first place. Maybe we should be asking why there are countless online retailers offering refurbished Dysons. Maybe we should ask why Woot seems to sell refurbs by the truckload on an almost nonstop basis.

Are we to believe all of these are simply overstock or customer returns from buyer’s remorse? How many of these are refurbed due to a failure? Sure seems like there are a lot more refurbs available for Dyson than any other brand out there so why is that? Coincidence? Or could it be that they really aren’t all that special or that they really do break down quite often?

This sounds like the Apple I phone vs. The android line if phones. Each one is goingvto claim they’re the best and each one are going to have there die hard followers.

Just buy the damn thing and if you don’t like self it to the next sucker!

I have owned a kirby, heavy as he’ll, a rainbow worked fantastic but who wants to fill it with water drag around the hose and canister and then dump that nasty water that looks like a drain clog.

I own 4 Dysons one the clutch failed another was left in storage and rusted the motor, still works but is noisy. Yes they wear out but they are efficient and do clean very, very well.

Lastly if you suffer from allergy you need a room purifier and wood floors. So ditch the carpets I did!

I look forward to reading the —vs---- battle stories!

Anyone else notice that the first “Y” in the description if a link to a “Nine inch Nails” video?