Dyson DC25 All-Floors Ball Vacuum



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I like that the picture is angled like a car photo. All vacuums should be displayed this way!


This is great if you have religious requirements for a ball vacuum, or prohibitions against regular ball bearing wheels. The suction on this is amazing, causing concern for the congregation that it surpasses the week’s suh’dmar. By the way, accidentally sucking in a cat is just an urban legend perpetrated by the Lhamurhs. Trust me, it can’t happened.


Looking for the Dyson Slim… pretty please?


Am I missing the place in the description that says refurbished?! Or is this an actually really new Ball for this price?


Never mind. Just went to buy and got it loud and clear.


“Condition: Refurbished”


Buying a reconditioned item from Dyson doesn’t bother me one bit. I work for a major manufacturer of an important home product and we sell “reconditioned” items often. Basically, our reconditioned items are returns from our customers/wholesalers and have never been used before. However, because they have been returned we can’t sell them as a “new” item. Even selling them at a discount we still make money. I’m sure this Dyson vacuum costs them around $100 to make it, so selling for $249 is still a good deal for them. I’m buying one of these vacuums and my family will be happy!


I bought one of these a few months back from Woot. Damn good vacuum, I do not swear at it for being stupid. Also does not aggravate my female companions allergies nearly as much as my previous vacuum cleaner.
…are there any other words in the English language with two consecutive "u"s?