Dyson DC25 All-Floors Ball Vacuum

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Finally! A D-D-D-Dyson!!!

Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com

TONS of very good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at meijer.com

I have two Dysons. A DC24 and a DC33. While they are nice and do the job, It’s basically a bunch of hype. The one bonus Dyson has going for it is that you can order the parts online with very little hassle. So if you are a Mr./Mrs. Fix-it, it may be worth it in the long run.

Pros - good warranty, good product, parts are easy to obtain

Cons - Expensive, Large models are heavy and bulky, dust bin is easy to accidentally empty all over your floor

i got one of these about a year ago on a woot here and i love it.

i have been very impressed with its suction power. you just have to be careful because you’ll find it picking up things your old vacuum wasn’t capable of…coins, batteries, random bike parts…
i also like that you can buy parts for it if needed. the canister is super easy to empty and mess free as the bottom just opens when you push a button on the top, no need to worry about pouring/dumping.

the only con is the hose is super tight so when i pull it out to use it i often get pulled back to the housing with it. does not stretch easily, which i guess could be good as it means its not wearing by stretching right?

bought this model as a refurb nearly three years ago on woot for about $50 more. we were very happy with it. got a lot of great use out of it, until we got a Neato, also here on Woot, which cut down our use of the Dyson a lot.

about a month ago a part in the hose broke, so the vacuum is only currently working in its upright mode - cannot use the hose extended, e.g., for cobwebs on ceiling or in tight corners.

one thing we learned is that for repairs from Dyson is that you have to take it to an authorized repair place. and where we are (SF Bay Area) there is only one guy, and his service ratings are so low we don’t want to use him.

my wife is pretty hard on the appliances, so I’m not concerned about the breakage after 3 years. I’m happy to just get another one at this price. lucky Woot for me tonight!

Just wanted to comment that I got this same Vacuum from woot in 2010 for $289 refurbished, and it is fantastic.

It is still going strong and I have not had to replace any parts or get any work done on it.

Same as ‘The Animal’, just without the hand tool. Love it, best vac I have ever owned, hands down.

Best part: Super-easy brush cleaning. No screws to deal with, and easy to deal with. If you have a long-haired bride that sheds more than your pet (as I do), you know how valuable this is.

My gf and I love this vacuum. It is powerful, and although it is heavy, it is very easy to move around compared to other vacuums. Yeah, the hose it a bit stiff and a bit awkward to use, but overall it gives the vacuum a feel that it is built very well. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone.

anyone know if this model allows you to turn off the brush? I have the original Dyson which has been great for over two years now and would like a second one for upstairs but I have a great deal of hardwood so the brush needs to be turned off for most of my home.

There is a button right next to the on/off button that turns the brush on/off.

Hello, to answer your question, Yes you can turn the brush bar off and on with a convenient switch located next to the power on/off switch. This. Dyson DC25 gets high ratings for bare floors too. Hope this helps.

For further information, here is the detailed Dyson website link.


Bought one of these on Woot a few years back. It has a lot going for it, but some shortcomings as well.

For one mine was hardly trouyble free. The bearing on the brush burnt out twice.

Mine came with a five-year warranty. Glad it did! Six months? No. Those repairs would have been to expensive out of warranty.

(Note: The bearing has been redesigned. Maybe the problem no longer exists. To soon to know on mine.)

This is an APARTMENT SIZED vacuum cleaner. Short cord, small dirt fill capicity. Is that good or bad? You decide, but know it. :slight_smile:

Would the DC40 from Amazon ($15 more after free shipping with Prime) be a better deal? I’m ready to purchase my first Dyson and wanted to know if you guys would get the DC25 for $15 in savings, or if you would get the DC40 for $15 more.

What’s the warranty period? 1 year or 5 years?

!WARNING! Stay as far away from Dyson vacuums as you can! Every claim that Dyson makes are all lies. They lose suction almost immediately, the opening behind the brush head is so small that it clogs constantly, and you have to completely disassemble the ENTIRE brush head in order to clear the clog and all of the parts are made of cheap and easily breakable plastic, especially the step release bar and the brush activator button and its housing. The only good things that I’ve ever heard about Dyson’s are reviews that I’ve read online, but everyone that I know that has had one, (yes, HAD as they got rid of it as soon as they could,) has ended up regretting their purchase.

My wife and I have 2 mini-aussies (the dog, not little people from down under ;p ) and were wondering if the bagless canister fills up quickly given the size of 0.3 gal compared to others.

This model was one of my first Woot purchases and the best vacuum I’ve ever owned. Someone has already mentioned how easy it is to dump the canister onto your clean floor by pressing the release button a little too hard, but that’s about the only quibble I have. The ball makes it really maneuverable in tight spaces.