Dyson DC25 All-Floors Ball Vacuum

Is this vacuum only for apts or is it strong enough for a decent size house I’ve purchased a few other vacuums and they would overheat?

Ball vacuum? That sounds like an unnecessary step in the personal hygiene routine…

The warranty is noted at the bottom of the Features tab on our sales:

Warranty: 6 Month Dyson

From Amazon’s listing:
“6 Month Parts and Labor Warranty
One of the primary differences between a new Dyson machine and a refurbished Dyson machine is its appearance– a scratch here or there or a slightly clouded bin may provide a clue that it has been previously used. After it has passed all of the tests, the machine is then packaged and sent out. All Dyson refurbished vacuums come with a 6 month parts and labor warranty.”
So it looks like you get 6 months regardless of where you purchase it.

Have no fear buying a refurb Dyson. I bought one from Woot a year ago. It was like brand new when I unpackaged it. I registered it with Dyson and they gave me an extra 6 month warranty. I was as impressed with Dyson as I was with the vacumm. No hold time, and I got a polite human on the phone. I’ve never owned a better vacumm.

We have this Dyson times 2. One for each floor with all hardwoods and natural stone floors. A few wool Persian throw rugs, it works well on all.

I highly recommend all Dyson products, especially the vacuums.

The same here! This is 1/2 the price and they never appear used. The best vacuum we’ve ever owned. We have central vac and never use it since the Dysons.

Don’t wait for it to sell out if you want it. I’ve seen the Dyson products do that often.

yeah mine looked brand new. it seems like they’re just the floor models that like they have in target and other retailers across the U.S. that never actually get used but they need homes when the newest model comes out to display.

Good to know about the possibility of extra warranty time. I jumped on this woot when I saw it. The last time this guy went up, it sold out.

I can’t believe I missed this! Totally forgot to get back to the website after consulting the wife.

Bring this one back soon, Woot!

This vaccum really sucks. No, I mean it really sucks! It will suck all the dirt and debris right off of your floor like an EF5 tornado touching down in a trailer park. Before you know it, it will have the place picked clean. Caution: Keep it away from small children and pets, unless you want to send them to Oz.

This arrived Wednesday (a day early, thanks Woot)! It was in a plain brown box, mostly assembled. It was packed really well as it was a box inside a box.

Just to confirm for those who had noted what reconditioned meant. Mine arrived a bit clouded in the canister and had a few nicks in random places. Other than that it looks pretty good. I have yet to plug it in.