Dyson DC25 Animal

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Dyson DC25 Animal
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11/13/2013 - $229.99 - 31 comment(s)

Great reviews at Overstock

Walmart.com also has good feedback

Need help? Check out the support page for the DC 25 over at Dyson.com


TONS of great reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at costco.com

I own this Dyson. It’s amazing. I have two dogs, a black lab, and a malamute/husky/golden mix and they both shed a lot. I turn this vacuum on and it does a great job removing the hair from deep in the carpet. I used it to replace a old upright vacuum that I owned. When I got the Dyson I could not believe how much hair this picked up that was deep in the carpets. Everything about this vacuum is awesome, and I recommend it highly. I think they are $599 new.

Dog hair is easy. What about cat hair?

Specifically cat hair from short and longhairs pretty much on every horizontal and vertical surface.

Anybody? Real experience only please.

We have 2 for 6 years that haven’t had a problem yet.
Refurbs don’t appear to be. They’re probably returns. We now own 8 of all different styles plus their fans.

We have no cats. Dog coat is worse then cat our friends who have both have told us. Where did you hear that one? Try the coat of a Great Pyrenees and a Newfie and see what is hard to vacuum.

The animal is purple with extra attachments. It’s well worth the price being charged. We only have 8 Dysons though.

Do yourselves a favor. Get yourself a new Miele, or reconditioned miele for around this price. It will last longer, has better suction and is not made from flimsy plastic that is difficult and expensive to repair.

I have had my Dyson for 10 years. With a Keeshound and a Chow I have serious shedding issues. Never, ever a problem!

I’ve been using my roommates vacuum on for his cat and it does a great job. I’m about to buy my own because of how good a job it does. The cat is a fat short haired that leaves blankets of fur every where.

The extendable hose used to, say, reach cob webs near the ceiling is a beast to use. It is a dog that doesn’t hunt. It is the ergonomic equivalent of carrying an Eniac computer on your back so as to brag that you are a mobile computer geek.

Not a fan of the Animal Dyson because you can’t change the bottom filter. Called dyson and they said to take it to a repair shop to do it for you. So in the mean time every time I vacuum it smells like dog.

I stopped wearing blacks pants and could not use black nylon laptop cases due to cat hair. Got white ones, black ones, brown ones. Any help…and don’t say get rid of the cats.

I own 4 espresso machines, so I have my quirks, but cannot imagine owning eight vacuums. Do you use them all?

I have a reconditioned Dyson DC29 Animal that I purchased on Woot about 2 years ago. Best vacuum that I’ve ever owned. I had a question and called Dyson customer service - very prompt and knowledgable staff. No hold time. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

I have a Dyson DC29 ball vacuum and a cat. I can not believe how well it picks up cat hair.

I have a Dyson DC29 ball vacuum and a cat. I can not believe how well it picks up cat hair.

What are you talking about? I have one of these and the extendable hose is incredibly easy to use. It also has a great range/reach. The setup might be different with yours, but it looks like this Animal has the same as mine.
I love my Dyson. I paid 300 bucks for a new one seven years ago on Woot and it still works without flaw.

Difference between this animal version (DC-25) and the what…I think it is the DC-41…

I know you get that one special attachment…

Anything else?